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Please don’t smile anymore!


Blog Guy, you’ve written about that Smiley Geithner guy – you know, the treasury secretary who scowls all the time. Don’t you have ANY photos of him smiling?

I’m not sure.

Not sure? What do you mean by that? It’s a very simple question.

Is it? Look at this picture we took yesterday. I mean, some people might call that a smile, but others…

Ewwwww!!!!! It’s creepy! Take it away! That’s not a REAL smile! Make him stop!

My point exactly. But I’m going to publish it for parents to use:

“Kids, if you don’t eat your peas, Mr. Tim will look in your window tonight.”

Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln…

Please help me think this through, because I could be all wrong. Last night, there was a grand and glittering celebration of the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, which is today.

President Barack Obama was there along with other big names, as befits a guy who is on our money even though folks don’t have much of it these days.