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Super-Scythe me, Saint Death!


It’s nice to see religions grow and everything, but I’m just not sure about this one.

We’ve got some photos from Mexico of followers of Saint Death, who it turns out is revered by drug traffickers and other criminals.

This saint, who isn’t recognized by the Catholic Church, is a scythe-wielding skeletal figure believed to perform miracles for criminals. So then what are lawyers for?

This isn’t totally compatible with my view of what saints do, but with all the saints there are it stands to reason there would be at least one who never read the manual.

All Nazi spies, please stand in this line!


Herr Blog Guy? Ve are a group of Nazi spies in 1939. Ve vant to infiltrate your country and look natural. Can you help us?

Um, I’m a bit surprised to get a message from 70 years ago. How does that work?

Is that the snack shop line?


Blog Guy, last week you had an item about a Drug Museum in Mexico City. Is that for real? Because, you know, that’s one of my interests. What do they have there?

Oh, it’s real. Judging from our photos, it looks like they’ve hired Burt Reynolds to portray a drug trafficker, which has got to be kind of expensive for them.

Be as classy as a drug lord!


Quick quiz: Business is good, you have a lot of extra cash, so you use it to…

a) make a major donation to Doctors Without Borders

b) build a new homeless kitchen in your city

c) establish a scholarship fund for Katrina victims

d) cover your gun, your cellphone, your patio furniture and your grandma in gold and diamonds.

It smells like the sub is coming!


I’ve blogged in the past about the exciting opportunities to be found in the elite HSF (Homemade Submarine Fleet), aboard cheesy subs that carry tons of cocaine all the way from Colombia to the ultimate selling point, which I think is about two blocks from my house.

These craft have long been shrouded in mystery, but today we have a story that fills in some of the details. I was most struck by two particular facts in our story:

Lips the color of bug-splat on a windshield


Mr, Johnson, the police are very grateful for your help, since you’re the only witness who has come forward about the murder.

May we please go over your description again? I can’t believe our sketch artist got it right.

Taking all the sport out of it!


Blog Guy, haven’t you overlooked a fashion story this season? You always review the new creations for police decoys, designed to entice the criminal element for easy arrests. Well?

That’s a very sore subject with me this year. Sure, I went to the big insider decoy show, Snare Wear 2009, but this year they’ve gone too far!

Coo? No, I said COOL! Cool!


Do you ever wonder who’s at the very, very bottom of the human dignity chain?

Well, it turns out he was picked up at an airport with two live pigeons stuffed in his tights. I mean, the tights ALONE are embarrassing enough.

Draw your weapons!


Blog Guy, the police in England didn’t used to carry guns, but someone told me it’s different now.

It has changed slightly. Police are now allowed to carry a photo or a drawing of a pistol to use against criminals.

Holy haute! It’s the Creped Crusader!


Blog Guy, is it just me, or have I been seeing Batman working at odd jobs lately, like at Arby’s and Jiffy Lube?

It’s not just you. Sadly, Bruce Wayne has hit hard times. Turns out a lot of his money was invested with Bernie Madoff, so that’s gone, and there were other very bad business decisions.