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Blog Guy, I need some of your famous fashion advice.

I’m in a business I’d rather not name, but it’s in my best interest for certain people not to be able to find me. Am I clear so far?

I’ve seen nothing, I’ve heard nothing.

Good, I guess you’re smarter than you look in your photo.

So anyway, I like to look fashionable, just like anybody on the run. Where can someone like me go for low-profile high fashion?

I’ve got the perfect place for you. Medellin, Colombia.

Medellin, huh? Isn’t that the place known for…


And the cartels and the shootings and the…

That’s the place. They’re holding their fashion show this week, for people who like to be seen but not seen, if you take my drift.

Wow, that sounds perfect for me. Are important people at the show?

Maybe, maybe not.

But you’re sure it’s the “in” place to be?

Trust me. Everybody who doesn’t want to be anybody is at that show.

Thanks, Blog Guy! I am SO not gonna be there!

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Top and right: Models present creations of Colombian designer Little Lucia’s collection Infashion Blancox during the Colombiamoda fashion show in Medellin, July 26, 2011.

Giant black cloud? How bad could it be?


Blog Guy, I wanted to follow up on an item you had a few days ago, about that gigantic 300-acre “marijuana plantation” that was found by soldiers in Mexico.

What about it?

I was just wondering if it’s possible to rent the plantation for nature study trips. Or fraternity parties.

Hey look! I think it’s money!


Blog Guy, I’m going on vacation soon to that brand-new country, South Sudan, and I need some of your famous travel advice. Should I convert my dollars here, or wait until I get there?

I think you’ll have to do it there. They only introduced their currency a couple of days ago.

High times on the old Marijuana Plantation


Okay, here’s some interesting news. Turns out soldiers in Mexico have just discovered a huge “marijuana plantation” in the middle of a desert.

The thing covers 300 ACRES, which means the Shuttle astronauts have probably seen it from space, and yet it came as a real surprise to these local troops.

Hey, there’s thuggage in your luggage!


Blog Guy, it’s July 6. Isn’t that the date you usually announce the coveted Doofus of the Year Award?

Indeed, but it was complicated this year. A last-minute entry snatched the title from someone I thought had an absolute lock on it.

Warning: suspect may wear a mullet-proof vest…


Okay, how is this guy not in jail yet?

We’ve had several stories about the so-called “Mullet Bandit,” who has robbed four banks in Ohio in the past month.

The guy earned the clever nickname by being a bandit and, well, sporting a classic mullet haircut, short in front but long in the back. Here he is in the top photo.

O brothel, where art thou?


This is kind of a delicate subject, but we’re all adults here, so we’re cool.

The caption on these photos says these are prostitutes protesting against a police crackdown on brothels.

Wouldn’t hanging them be more humane?


Blog Guy, I read somewhere that you’re an authority on prisoner rehabilitation programs.

Well, yes, but only the really wacky ones that make no sense at all to me. For instance, here’s one where they teach prisoners to play bagpipes.

When the top brass goes to Europe…


Hey Blog Guy, we could use some of your famous travel advice. My brass ensemble is going to Paris, and we….

Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know the French can’t stand brass instruments? You could be arrested before you play a single note.

Meet the worst police decoy ever?


Blog Guy, you’ve written a lot about police decoys in the past. I guess they have to be highly skilled to do that job, right?

Sure, some of them are, but others are just phoning it in.

You take this “undercover” Israeli cop in these photos. The caption tells us he’s “dressed as a Palestinian woman.”