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Cruising the bars for romance?

February 13, 2007

If you go looking for romance online, there’s always a chance the person you choose may be a dangerous criminal, guilty of Lord-knows-what heinous crimes.

Chicanery chic…

February 5, 2007

Dear Blog Guy,
I’m a crook who happens to be a woman, and nobody seems to care if we have anything fashionable to wear. We enjoy looking nice too, you know, and I think I should have options other than a darned stocking mask. Do I have to break into a designer shop and put something together for myself?
Rita Bandita

Hey! If you can’t trust a kidnap victim, who can you trust?

January 30, 2007

Even though it isn’t quite the end of the month, I’m going to announce the winners of the Dumbest Criminals competition for January. Before you other dumb criminals say that’s unfair and start complaining, listen to this.

Well, the money is nice, and the clothes, and the food…

January 30, 2007

Even if you’re tired of endless surveys, this one is worth a look. According to a new one in South Korea, gangsters get more satisfaction from their line of work than the police do.

Dude, I could use some cookies… and ice cream… and…

January 26, 2007

When officials seize four TONS of marijuana from two boats off the Mexican coast, they have to get rid of it somehow, and that means a big fire and lots of smoke. And they have to guard it while it’s burning, and that means troops, and a lot of stuff to munch on…

They found him through the Yellow Pages?

January 9, 2007

As you may recall from a posting here a few days ago, this guy walked out of a pub with its urinal, which he had hidden in his rucksack, leaving some pretty uncomfortable drinkers in his wake.

Our cure for low self esteem…

December 31, 2006

Here’s a chance to catch up on some of the oddest news of 2006.  But more importantly, it is your opportunity to feel good about yourself, and who doesn’t need that sometimes? 

Shouldn’t robbing convenience stores be more convenient?

December 15, 2006

Everybody knows I love dumb criminal stories, and here are two great ones.

For starters there was the robber in Canada, who had just about everything go wrong that could go wrong. While trying to rob a convenience store he slammed the till with an aluminum baseball bat, jamming it before the clerk could open it.

I’d like a copy of “Eduardo is the Murderer,” please…

December 8, 2006

Human nature never ceases to amaze me. A new study shows that people with low self-esteem enjoy mysteries that confirm their suspicions in the end, while those with higher self-esteem prefer a surprise ending.

And the least likely thing to happen this week is…

November 28, 2006

You remember Mehmet Ali Agca, the guy who tried to kill Pope John Paul II, right? Well, he has requested a day’s leave from jail this week. Why?  It turns out the new pope is in Turkey, and Agca would like to meet with him.