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How much for the Unabomber’s chemistry set?


Blog Guy, I’d really like to own something that belonged to a famous dumbass, but I couldn’t afford that autograph of Jesse James that went for $51,000. Is there a more affordable dumbass sale going on?

I’m sorry, but genuine dumbass stuff is expensive. For example, the U.S. Marshals Service, the folks who sold Bernie Madoff’s underwear a few months ago, is auctioning off personal stuff belonging to Ted Kaczynski.

The Unabomber?

Yep. Kaczynski, who killed three people and injured many others, doesn’t need the stuff anymore, what with serving a life sentence in prison.

The online auction still has two more weeks to run, and bidding is already very competitive. A hand-written copy of his nutjob “Manifesto” has offers of over $15,000, and his hoodie and sunglasses have 19 bidders so far, with a top offer of over $20,000.

This gunman goes into a bar, see…


I’m not sure when our state lawmakers  began competing to pass the most wacky weapons laws,  but it’s getting pretty hard to keep up with them.

To recap, in recent days we’ve seen both Utah and Arizona vote to create official state firearms. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Maine voted to legalize switchblade knives, but only for one-armed residents.

A spoonful of stupid helps the medicine go down


Blog Guy, I enjoy seeing lots of extremely stupid people. Any tips on where I should go?

Stupid people seem to be plentiful everywhere, but you might especially enjoy the city of Gaziantep, in Turkey.

Are they high-caliber lawmakers, or what?



Those signs of the onrushing Apocalypse that I like to chronicle here are coming so fast I can barely keep track of them these days.

colt revolver 280It turns out, the Arizona Legislature has just voted to make the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the state’s official firearm.

Five tips that could save your marriage


nicolas cage 490

Maybe you saw that actor Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans after an argument with his wife. He was booked on suspicion of domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness.

nicolas cage crop 320What intrigued me was that the police said Cage and his wife were standing in front of a home and arguing about whether it was where they lived.

Shermanize me another burger, honey!


williams sonoma 490

Blog Guy, I’ve been a real fan of Williams-Sonoma, that shop for pretentious foodies, ever since I first read about it here. Is their Summer Cookout Catalog out yet?

Yes, and it’s fabulous! I recommend this item at the top, the Deluxe Outdoor Guacamole Maker, $299.99. You can serve up perfect fresh guacamole, while your guests watch with envy!

The best TV crime show on the heir?


crime queen this 490

Okay, you know why we’re here. We owe the network one more high-concept police procedural to match our earlier hits, “Police Pope” and “Monkey See, Monkey Blue.”

crime queen 240So who’s got an idea for us to pitch? Lamar?

Well Boss, the public just can’t get enough of those crime scene  forensic science shows.

A walk in the park with an obvious narc?


decoy 490

Blog Guy, you used to blog a lot about the new fashions for police decoys, those guys who try to look like such tempting targets that criminals can’t resist going after them. But you haven’t shown us the new stuff for ages.

decoy fashions vertical 240You’re right. I used to cover all the big decoy fashion trade shows. “Snare Wear,” “Con Com,” “Hook ‘em and Book ‘em…”

Hit Man Camp? Pass the lime bag, slimebag!



Blog Guy, what are some things to watch for if you suspect you’ve chosen the wrong summer camp?

Good question. This would be one example. The photo caption here says these things are latrines at a “drug hit men training camp.”

So if a dumbass just signs his name…


Here we go again.

jesse james 280Having recently blogged about people willing to spend lots of money for stuff like Lee Harvey Oswald’s actual coffin and Bernard Madoff’s actual underwear, I now learn that a very rare autographed photo of Jesse James will be auctioned, probably for something north of $20,000-$30,000.

I just don’t understand stuff like this.

This is the same Jesse James whose Wikipedia entry calls him an “outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber and murderer.”