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Bring on the dancing bodyguards!

May 4, 2010

mayor boris 490

Blog Guy, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing photos of world leaders and their bodyguards. You can always spot them, and they just look menacing. Isn’t there a better way to protect important people?

They’re like Charlie’s Angels, only nastier!

April 26, 2010


Okay sales staff, the big civil defense and security equipment exhibition is coming up, and we need to push our merchandise. Let’s brainstorm!

When the breasts are fake, and so is the doctor…

April 19, 2010

Quick quiz: Who would you LEAST like to find out is a bogus, untrained fraud?

FRANCEa) The guy fixing your washing machine

b) The yard man trimming your magnolias

c) The accountant preparing your taxes

d) The plastic surgeon doing your breast implants

Yeah, I think most of us would have to go with that breast implant thing.

In Venezuela, police have arrested a man and woman accused of impersonating plastic surgeons and providing women with silicon breast and buttock implants from an illegal clinic in an apartment.

You have the right to remain silent…

April 17, 2010


Blog Guy, are you forgetting something? You haven’t given your coveted Visual Irony Award for this month. That’s the only reason many of us read your blog.

High-caliber artistes needed…

April 6, 2010

Blog Guy, I need some career advice, and you’re the expert.  I’m artistic, and people say I have a good eye for design. I would enjoy working in developing countries.

Monkey cops, when it’s a jungle out there!

April 1, 2010


Okay boys, prepare yourselves for the new smash hit series of  the fall TV season. This is the kind of high concept creativity that made network programming what it is today.

Why are we smiling again?

March 19, 2010


Quick quiz: These happy kids are smiling because…

students crop 280A) They all got dates to the prom with cute, well-mannered boys

B) They are confident that healthcare reform will pass soon

C) Their high school is burning down behind them

D) Two tons of marijuana, heroin and cocaine is ablaze, and the wind may shift their way….

Five annoying things about the Census

March 17, 2010

I’m not a trouble-maker. I do what I’m told. But  a few days ago I made fun of the U.S. Census people for spending a fortune to send letters telling us our Census forms would arrive soon. I figure I’m alert enough to spot the form when it lands.

They’re even more tasteless than I am!

March 12, 2010

Those of us who make a modest living from the absurd, the ironic and the tasteless cannot sit back and watch other people run such things into the ground. I made the same point recently, when televangelist Pat Robertson hurtled totally off the absurdity scale in his comments about Haiti’s pact with the devil.