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Hey look! I think it’s money!


Blog Guy, I’m going on vacation soon to that brand-new country, South Sudan, and I need some of your famous travel advice. Should I convert my dollars here, or wait until I get there?

I think you’ll have to do it there. They only introduced their currency a couple of days ago.

Really? What did they do for money before that?

I guess they just owed each other. I mean, it’s a great excuse if you think about it. “Jeez, I’d like to pay you for this tuna fish and these flip-flops, but unfortunately, money doesn’t exist yet.”

So now that the South Sudan Pound does exist, what is it worth?

My guess would be absolutely nothing, but that’s just a rough estimate.

Anything special I should know about the local currency customs?

Yeah, it appears from our photos that it’s polite to make a big show of money over there. In the bank, makes sure lots of folks see you get your cash. Then, when you come outside, fan out your bills and smile enthusiastically.