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And then, the Mama Grizzly said…

May 15, 2011

Blog Guy, you set up a lot of fantasy shots for your readers, and we appreciate them. Maybe it’s time to share one of your own fantasies with us.

It’s a jungle out there…

May 7, 2011


Johnson, get your butt into my office!

What did I do now, Boss? I thought I was improving as a news photographer.

GERMANY/You are! I see all of our clients used YOUR photos of new those tiger cubs at the zoo. It’s as if the competition didn’t even send anybody!

Three great inventions we really need…

February 8, 2011


Blog Guy, apart from writing textbooks and making airplanes, what do you do with your time?

Bamboozle small pandas for a living?

December 8, 2010

panda suit 490

Blog Guy,¬† I’ve read that some pandas are being reintroduced into the wild. This fascinates me, but I worry that panda cubs raised around humans won’t be able to adapt.

Cutest animals of 2010, O come let us adore them…

December 3, 2010

sweet animals top combo 490

Regular readers know this blog normally overflows with irony, sarcasm and the absurd, and is no place for sloppy sentiment.

Round up the usual 20,000 people

November 29, 2010


Blog Guy, I remember a few months ago your Facebook Blog Network hit 10,000 members. It was a huge deal. So, any idea when you’ll hit the 20,000 mark?

A heartwarming holiday tradition…

November 21, 2010

panda 490

Blog Guy, this is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, our family’s favorite day of the year! Our children, Paige and Preston, know this is P-Day, the day your blog is devoted entirely to “Cute Stuff That Begins with the Letter P.”

All the cute you need….

March 21, 2010

Blog Guy, I’ve had a very draining week, and I need something to cheer me up.

I hear¬† you. I’ve had kind of an emotional roller coaster ride myself this week.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…

September 22, 2009

Kids, gather ’round for another bedtime story. I know how you love really evil characters. Let’s see. We’ve covered Hannibal Lecter, Vlad the Impaler, Rod Blagojevich, Mad King Ludwig…

Lower your blood pressure in 10 seconds…

July 30, 2009

Blog Guy, I remember when you used to run photos of really cute animals now and then, to lower people’s blood pressure. You haven’t done that recently.