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You winsome, you lose some…


Regular readers know that occasionally, we suspend our obsession with the absurd, the ironic and the stupid, and devote space to the just plain adorable.

Judging from the traffic reports, even our jaded readers have a soft spot for cute animals, and if you missed last week’s Buster the Tiger slideshow, go have a look.

Today’s offering is a one-month-old leopard cub at Jordan Zoo, near Amman, photographed yesterday. As usual, a word of advice: if you don’t know anybody you can share this with, you’re hanging out with a bad element. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

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Stop by and warm your heart…


Another reminder: while we welcome readers to this blog for a heaping daily portion of the ironic and sardonic, we do reserve the right to offer occasional heartwarming photos and video of the most adorable animals we can find, and we make no apology for it. Share this one with someone who will appreciate it. We will now return to our regularly scheduled absurdity.

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Anak, a 31-year-old Orangutan, holds her five-day-old baby Apie in her arms in Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen, central Netherlands, July 31, 2007. The baby was born in captivity at the zoo. REUTERS/Michael Kooren

No bunnies were harmed in shooting this photo


Every so often this blog reserves the right to take a very brief break from its regular diet of cynicism, sarcasm and absurdity, and offer up a heaping portion of the adorable.   

Today is our lucky day, especially after learning that this rabbit voluntarily hopped into the tiger cub’s cage, and lived to tell the tale. The usual advice: if you can’t think of anybody who would love to get this picture, you’re hanging out with a cold, cold, crowd.

Hold that tiger…



As you know, this blog promises a steady supply of cynicism, sarcasm, absurdity, and the cutest animals you’ll find anywhere on the Web.

Today’s dose of adorable comes courtesy of two tiger cubs you won’t believe. 

Paging Mister Grinch…


Let’s all think about the meanest character we can imagine, sort of a mixture of Cruella De VilThe Grinch, and Jack Bauer’s father on “24.”

Now it’s my duty to warn you, there is someone even worse out there. We know this because Knut, the adorable polar bear, has received a death threat.

Knut the Cute…


Dear Blog Guy,
My blood pressure is dangerously high this morning, and I need to bring it down very quickly. What should I do?
About to Blow

Don’t waste time telling me how much you enjoy this blog or anything. Immediately watch this 49-second video clip of Knut the polar bear making his first public appearance today. Watch it repeatedly, and your systolic will frolic. But don’t read any of the stories about Knut’s future. Trust me, you don’t need that. Here’s the video of Knut: and here is our latest story. Madeline Chambers reports:

Cats, over their heads in debt…



Everybody who has a cat knows how bad they are at managing money. They’re always like, “Can I have a couple of dollars?” and then they never pay it back. 

Quite a surprise, then, to read that an Australian bank actually issued a  credit card to a cat named Messiah.

A McFlurry of excitement among hedgehog lovers…


You have to love it that something called the British Hedgehog Preservation Society tries to take on mighty McDonald’s over a badly designed dessert cup that has been killing hedgehogs

It seems the cute little guys stick their heads in the cup for a lick of left-over McFlurry and then can’t get out, starving to death. The Society has been badgering McDonald’s in the hedgehogs’ behalf for several years.