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Welcome to Rock Bottom…


Honestly, I don’t even know why we cover stories like this.

It’s another one of those lists ranking living standards in various cities around the world. Vienna is in the number one position, while Baghdad ranks dead last.

No kidding.

“Honey, the company wants to transfer me, does it matter to you and the kids whether we go to Austria or Iraq? I told them I had no preference…”

“No, sweetie, they both sound very nice. You choose…”

Mind you, Baghdad does have competition for the worst places to live. They don’t give honors like that to just anyplace, and Iraq’s capital got to the bottom by edging out Khartoum, Port-au-Prince, N’Djamena and Bangui.

Have you seen the picture postcards from those places? Probably not.

Meanwhile, in a separate list, the same folks also ranked cities based on personal safety, and the five at the bottom of THAT list – I’m talking about places where if you go there you shouldn’t even bother with a round-trip ticket – are pretty similar to the ones I just mentioned.

See ya later, crocodile!


Mr. Johnson, we’re here to apply for one of those “Zoo Performer” jobs you advertised. Can you tell us a little about what we’d have to do?

Sure thing, Chris. You stick your head in a crocodile’s mouth for the amusement of zoo visitors.

Did that damned tiger escape AGAIN?


Blog Guy, I know you’ve been to other countries, and I have a question. Do their sports teams have mascots like ours do?

There are some, but I believe they are hunted down and shot, as you can see in the photo here. As a result, it is not a very popular career path.