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News, but not the serious kind

Let’s practice those pickup lines, boys!


I think I have some pretty good news here, and right now I’m talking to you single guys.

The woman in these photos just split with her boyfriend and is now back in the dating pool. She’s on the rebound and vulnerable, so here’s your chance.

Oh, just one thing. She’s been dating actor George Clooney for two years. He’s your most recent competition.

That’s right, all you need is a pickup line persuading her you’re better than Clooney, and she’s all yours. Oh, and I guess you have to get her to actually listen to you while she’s getting the pepper spray out of her purse.

Boy, this comes as quite a surprise…


I am in the wrong damned business. I need to get one of those sweet gigs doing scientific “studies.”

But it has to be just the right “study,” where the results back up what everybody already thinks. If your “study” rocks the boat, then people take a closer look and find out you spent your whole grant on remodeling your guest bathroom, and you’re in trouble.