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Creepy? You? No way!


Dear Blog Guy,
I’m one of the undead, and it doesn’t seem like anybody cares about us when it comes to fashion. We deserve some attention, too. As Shakespeare said, “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” Well, okay, forget I asked that.
Zombie Chick

Well, Zombie Chick, this could be your lucky day – and when is the last time somebody said that to you? Take a look at this model at Moscow Fashion Week. You may be undead, but you’re not unfashionable!

Oddly Enough Blog


A model presents a creation by Fashion House Sado during Fashion Week in Moscow March 29, 2007. REUTERS/Oksana Yushko

Well, at least it’s wheelchair accessible…


Apparently just serving great food is no longer the preferred way to attract patrons to a restaurant, and don’t even think about presenting a tasteful, romantic decor. If you can’t bother making your place disgusting beyond belief, some other restaurateur will do it instead.

We’ve already seen our share of bizarre restaurant themes in this blog – toilets, Hitler, total darkness, animal heads – and now, welcome to death’s door.

The “lost” Lucy episode: “Ethel’s Funeral”


In retrospect, I can see why the network got cold feet and decided not to show bowtie200.jpgthis I Love Lucy episode back in 1956.

Lucy’s friend Ethel Mertz dies, and Lucy buys an expensive black dress to wear to the funeral but she can’t figure out how to put it on, and she finally races into the service late, barefoot, with bits and pieces of black dress hanging everywhere, just barely holding it on in bunches with her fists.

And DON’T make it sound like the dead guy had any fun…


The Catholic Church in Australia, worried that some eulogies for the dead are getting too long-winded, has imposed a five-minute limit on them.

The church also said that certain areas of the dead person’s life are now off-limits in eulogies, notably drinking and sex. Of course, if sex and drinking are now taboo topics, eulogies will probably automatically get a lot shorter. Heck, for some people, the eulogies may just disappear altogether.

Travel to Hannibal’s home! Lock up the fava beans, boys!


No, thanks.  No matter how many exclamation marks you put beside it, an invitation like this just isn’t too enticing.   

Some folks in Lithuania are offering a visit to Hannibal Lecter’s home as described in the novel and movie, Hannibal Rising. For $131 you get to tour the capital and visit a nearby estate for a “Hannibal feast” and a meeting with “Lecter.”

You take Jackson Street, turn left onto the Road of Death…


road.jpgThey don’t call it the Road of Death for nothing. Every two weeks on average, a vehicle plunges off this Bolivian road into the ravine below, in some places nearly three miles down.

Little shrines and crosses mark almost every perilous curve, and you’ll see human traffic lights – people who stand with green and red signs to control the flow of trucks and buses. They are unpaid, but get tips from grateful drivers. 

Welcome to the roadkill squirrel topless girlie show…


There is probably nothing else like it anywhere on Earth, and we can probably be thankful for that.

A stuffed squirrel clutches a fishing rod. A dead badger hefts a football for a winning pass. Other late animals enjoy a carousel ride and something called the “Topless Girlie Show.”

Welcome to the annual Are You Still Alive? race…



Dear Blog Guy,
I need to lose a few pounds, and I’m looking for a good sport to get involved in. Do you have any tips?
Eager to Compete

Yes, Eager, I have some tips. Avoid sports with names like extreme, mountain, insane, death, wolverine, and tough guy. This video clip, for instance, shows what you may encounter in the tough guy category. The winner is speaking English, and we still need subtitles. Not a good sign.

The Moor the merrier…


Um, I hate to complain, but… These guys are reenacting a famous 1609 battle, with realistic period muskets and costumes and, well, sunglasses? I mean, it kind of detracts from the authenticity, don’t you think? Face it, that guy in front, with the shades and the big gold belt, looks more like a professional TV wrestler than a 17th century soldier. Feel free to drop us some clever captions via Post a Comment.moor360.jpg

Men hold their guns during a traditional festival of “Moors and Christians,” remembering an assault of moorish pirates in the year 1609 on the village of Calpe, near the eastern Spanish town of Alicante October 23, 2006. REUTERS/Heino Kalis

A McFlurry of excitement among hedgehog lovers…


You have to love it that something called the British Hedgehog Preservation Society tries to take on mighty McDonald’s over a badly designed dessert cup that has been killing hedgehogs

It seems the cute little guys stick their heads in the cup for a lick of left-over McFlurry and then can’t get out, starving to death. The Society has been badgering McDonald’s in the hedgehogs’ behalf for several years.