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Who could have guessed that the next big trend would be nun-matador bars? But here they are, wildly successful – at least, you know,  in cities that have both nuns and matadors.  Of course, you may have different ideas about what’s going on in this photo. Try your hand at a clever caption, and send it our way via Post a Comment.nuns300.jpg 

You come here often? Nuns talk to Spanish assistant bullfighters before the start of a bullfight at Pamplona’s bullring on the last day of the San Fermin festival July 14, 2006. REUTERS/Susana Vera 

What could possibly go wrong?


Bad news for folks who desperately want to be trampled or gored by a large animal… You’re probably going to have to go to Spain and throw yourself down in front of a charging bull in Pamplona, because the U.S. version of that macho rite of passage just isn’t going to happen.

There had been plans to duplicate the famous running of the bulls, this time with buffalo charging through Deadwood, South Dakota.  In this wild west town,  where gunslingers once faced off and where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down, and where people took what they wanted and made their own rules, what could possibly force them to shelve plans for an annual buffalo run?