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Don’t trip on the gun at the altar…


I’ve blogged before about Saint Death, this grinning skeletal figure who isn’t recognized by the Catholic Church, but is revered by drug traffickers and other criminal scumbags.

I get a kick out of this guy, because I don’t begin to see how he fits in with regular theology. I noticed this photo when soldiers in Mexico seized a house used for storing marijuana and a lab producing cocaine. According to the caption this is an “altar to venerate Saint Death.”

Looking at the AR-15 rifle leaning against the thing, I’m thinking they meant “ventilate” instead of venerate.

Anyway, note the statues of the saint and the large work of art. The caption doesn’t say, but I’m hoping and praying the artwork is made of velvet. It just seems right.

What year is this again?


Occasionally I do an item here having nothing remotely to do with humor, if it fits into a theme I call “Remind me what year this is, please?”

Right now, several people are on trial in the African country of Burundi, charged with murdering albinos to sell their body parts for use in witchcraft.

Super-Scythe me, Saint Death!


It’s nice to see religions grow and everything, but I’m just not sure about this one.

We’ve got some photos from Mexico of followers of Saint Death, who it turns out is revered by drug traffickers and other criminals.

The roadkill family vacation scrapbook!


Sorry to get serious for a moment readers, but… Death. Our inevitable fate.

There’s just something about death that makes us as human beings want to stand in front of it and get our fricking picture snapped.

Vampire chicks feast on yummy plague flesh!


Over in Italy, they found the remains of a female “vampire,” buried with a brick jammed between her jaws to prevent her from feeding on plague victims.

Right. Apparently scientists have discounted the more obvious explanation, that maybe she just had one of those high shrill voices that really irritated people.

Our tread, or you’re dead!


Okay, listen up, staff. If we want to grab the Michelin advertising account, we need to go in a bold new direction.

The world is in turmoil. Nobody wants to see some jolly inflated bozo, waving like an idiot.

Huntin’ scorpions, it never gets old!


Here we have another one of those situations where it would be nice to know just a little more about what’s going on in some photos.

The caption explains that these dudes are hunting for scorpions in a desert in Egypt, but it doesn’t say what they plan to do with the things. That means, under the terms of my contract, I have to MAKE UP stuff instead of using facts.

Well, it keeps him off the street…


This is the exciting moment we’ve been waiting for. The envelope, please? And the 2009 Parents of the Year award goes to…

Here is a video report about an 11-year-old matador who killed SIX young bulls, despite opposition from child protection and anti-bullfighting groups.

Death, where is thy sting?


A number of readers wrote in following my recent post about the guy who holds the world record for the largest number of scorpions in his mouth.

While many people would rather not put scorpions where they chew their beef jerky, they seem eager to go for some other record in the scorpion category.

Trust me, you don’t wanna see this…


Blog Guy, I envy you for getting to spend  your time looking through nice photographs. What a pleasant life.

HAH! You only think that because you don’t see the pictures I’m protecting my readers from. Here’s a sampling of photos I’ve had to look at in recent days.