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Have you never SEEN decorations, Mr. President?


Honey, was that the doorbell? Could you see who it is, please?

Sweetie, it’s the president!

President Obama?

Yeah. He’s here for some kind of a surprise inspection of our Christmas decorations.

Oh crap, it’s decoration inspection time already? Quick, put a plate of shiny Christmas balls on the table, and I’ll get our holiday mugs. Maybe that”ll satisfy him.

Where’s that damned little tree, and that snowman for the wall?

I hate to say this, Sweetie, but I don’t think he’s ever gonna leave! He’s been here for three┬áhours, talkin’ about tinsel and blinking lights. It’s almost time for “CSI: Miami.”

Well, he IS the president, so be patient. Say, why did you put out that extra Christmas place mat?