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Where’s your Science and Pie section?



Hey Blog Guy, I saw a picture of President Obama browsing in a Washington, DC bookstore. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it, that the president is such a devoted reader?

Oh please…

Huh? I thought we would be on the same page about this, so to speak.

Yes, of course reading is a very good thing. But let’s not kid ourselves. Obama was at my neighborhood bookshop, Kramerbooks.


Kramerbooks seamlessly connects to the Afterwords Cafe, which sells sinfully rich pies and cakes. Now, Obama’s interest in desserts and junk food has been well-covered in this blog, so what do you think he was really doing at that shop? Let’s look at all the photos.

Yep, just as I suspected. See, he feigns interest in the SCIENCE section, and the next thing you know he’s looking at red velvet cake and goober pie. See for yourself.

Buy, buy Miss American Pie…


Blog Guy, do you have a personal guiding philosophy of life? You know, three or four words that express your world view?

It’s funny you should ask. I didn’t until today, but now I do, thanks to the cover of a catalog that came in the mail.