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A daiquiri a day keeps the doctor away?


If you like those stories where researchers find that something really decadent might actually, in a complex and twisted way, be good for you, do we have a happy Friday story for you!

It turns out that a fruity cocktail is not only fun to drink, but may even count as health food, since adding the type of alcohol found in rum, tequila, etc. boosts the antioxidant nutrients in strawberries, blackberries and other colored fruit.

According to our story, scientists “stumbled upon their finding unexpectedly.” Presumably stumbled is the operative word here, since you can buy a lot of tequila on a typical research grant. So there’s your good news, which could only be better if they’re willing to classify martini olives as colored fruit.

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A barmaid holds a cocktail in a 1997 file photo.

Vodka and guns: your classic mix…


You remember the posting yesterday showing a wolf hunter blowing into his gun? It didn’t look like the safest thing in the world, and it brought to mind that wise saying, “Friends don’t let friends suck on a gun barrel.”

Well, it gets better. The hunt is over now, and what nicer way to celebrate than with a picnic on the hood of your car, complete with ample supplies of vodka? We’ve got our guns and our booze and our car – a perfect combo.

Designated drivers not keeping it bottled up…


Look at those happy, smiling folks at the holiday party. But wait, who’s that guy who’s scowling? Why, he’s the designated driver, and boy, does he have some complaints. Just pour him another Sprite and he’ll tell you all about it.

It turns out, being the sober guy waiting to chauffeur a bunch of hammered imbeciles isn’t quite as much fun as you might think. A new survey shows designated drivers are not a happy lot, according to a story by the AAP.

If you folk, don’t drive…


These people are at Germany’s Oktoberfest, which our caption calls ”the world’s biggest folk festival.”  Now there’s a wonderful euphemism. Hey, Billy, will your parents let you bring that chick with all the staples in her lip over to my place on Saturday so we can get hammered? What? They only let you go to folk festivals? No problem!friday october 360.jpg

People gesture as they drink in an Oktoberfest tent in Munich September 20, 2006. The Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest folk festival, runs from September 16 till October 3, 2006.  REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

Every year, they start that Oktoberfest flashing earlier…


Land sakes, it’s that time of year when the holidays start zooming at us way too quickly. It’s only July, and already the young people are flashing each other with their Oktoberfest underwear!

Before you know it, we’ll be taking out the Thanksgiving and Christmas undies, and they’re not even clean from last year! If you have opinions about this undue rushing of the seasonal undergarments, drop us a line via Post a Comment.  october300.jpg