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On the red carpet in designer gowns and Crocs?


Blog Guy, as a Hollywood media insider AND a fashion blogger, you must come under intense pressure to publicize all the glitzy designer creations worn by celebrities to the Oscars, right?

Boy, I’ll say. Those publicists are very pushy.

oscars shoes combo use this one 490

So how do you handle the pressure?

Well, I’m basically a nice guy, so I try to help them out. For instance, an e-mail came my way trying to publicize Oscars celebrities wearing Sergio Rossi shoes.

OSCARS/It mentioned Penelope Cruz in black satin platforms, Michelle Pfeiffer in wine satin platforms, Rachel McAdams,  Elizabeth Banks, and so on….

I was in a supportive mood, so here are some shots of those women.

But Blog Guy, um, you can’t see shoes on any of them.

oscars shoes rings 240What with the long gowns this year, they may as well have been wearing Crocs, huh?

Will the Oscar be decided by looks again?


oscars combo 490

Blog Guy, as a Hollywood insider, who do you think will get Best Actor at the Oscars this weekend?

oscars clooney 260 thisI don’t do predictions, but I can steer readers in a useful direction. For years, there has been a tradition that the actors with classic Hollywood good looks lose, and some goofy-looking guy wins.

Keep going, Honey, this is the last verse!



Welcome to a new installment of our popular feature, “Stuff Maybe We Should Have Explained in the Caption, but Didn’t.”

CHILE/The caption on these photos tells us this singer named Anahi “performs” during a song festival in Chile.

If I could find my guidance counselor right now…



Blog Guy, I hear your career advice is great. I’m graduating soon, and I’ll be looking for something good. My dad always said I should have a desk job.

Then I’ve got a great career path for you. Check out this guy in the photo. That could be you.

The poster boy for bad movie awards?


Jeez, Blog Guy, I’m getting so tired of all these movie awards. Okay, the Oscars are great, but I mean, there’s the Golden Globes, the Critics’ Choice, and on and on and on. What’s the WORST awards ceremony in the movie business?

bafta posters490

I’d have to go with the Cardboard Poster Awards, which were just held a couple of days ago.

Finally, the real secret of “You’re So Vain”


USA/Blog Guy, I read a Reuters story saying singer Carly Simon is giving fans a chance to have some fun with one of the great mysteries in pop music, namely, who is the narcissistic target of her classic, “You’re So Vain”?

Anyway, I recall you used to hang with Carly and her crowd at Martha’s Vineyard, and I thought you might know the big secret.

Five guys who NEVER get picked in speed dating


Well, Debby, I see all the best guys are already taken once again. I’m starting to think these speed dates are fixed!

loser combo vertical 280You and me both, Daphne! Put your glasses back on and tell me who’s left for us.

Well, she’s got MY vote!


politics performer 490

Okay guys, this is a REALLY tough presidential campaign for us. We need some very successful rallies, so let’s brainstorm this.

politics performer vertical 180Well Boss, how about some entertainment? Some kind of performer to bring in the crowds?

Oscars for the arty Havarti movie?


avatar combo verticalLooking through our photo files, I keep seeing pictures of people wearing special glasses. I should check that out.

Where have you been, Blog Guy? They’re watching “Avatar” in 3D. It’s a blockbuster Oscars contender!

A date with Paris Hilton? Thumb enchanted evening…


paris cell 490

Blog Guy, I was interested in your item about that tycoon in Austria who dates famous celebrities. What do you think it would be like to go out with Paris Hilton?

Well, I’ve already blogged about my own date with Paris…

paris cell 180Yeah, that was sad. As I recall, she fell asleep and tore her own face off. But I mean, say a real guy took her to dinner or a concert or something, how would you know if she’s enjoying herself?