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How well I remember that morning or afternoon…


catcher jacket 220I suppose I’m doing the same thing a lot of journalists are doing today, dusting off  my J.D. Salinger interview.

When I went knocking on his door to chat with him so many years ago, he told me what he told everybody else: “Bob, I’ll talk to you, but you can only write about it when I’m gone.”

That was our pact, and I kept it until the reclusive writer died this week at his home in New Hampshire.

Once I agreed to his terms he invited me in, made some Tang, and it was yakety-yak, all afternoon.

Hurry up Earl, it’s Headstand Night!


headstand china 490

My regular readers know that for some time I’ve been gathering information for a doctoral thesis.

It is to be an objective, scientific look at how sad and meaningless life is in places where they don’t have cable television, Blu-ray, TiVo and other entertainment necessities.

Hats! They’re back, and they’re real stupid!


dumb hat combo 490

Hey Blog Guy, I need fashion advice. I’m a regular-looking dude, and I’d like to find a way to make myself look more dopey. You know, so nobody will take me seriously.

Hmmm. Let me get this straight. You want people to take one look at you and say, “Holy crap, what’s wrong with that pathetic doofus?”

Presenting the Golden… No, it’s just too easy!


globes combo top 490

Blog Guy, I love your entertainment coverage. Can you run some photos from last night’s Golden Globe Awards, please?


Uh, not to complain or anything, but those are just sexy women AT the awards. I don’t even think they won anything. You just went for revealing outfits here!

So, how’d you make out at the awards ceremony?


streep kiss combo 490

Blog Guy, you haven’t done many of those fantasy shots for your readers so far this year.

Budget cuts, you know. I have to be more careful with how much I spend. What would you like?

Honey, did my Beaver come in the mail?


This is the best story of the year, so far.

It turns out The Beaver, a  venerable history magazine in Canada,  is changing its name because of the unintended sexual connotation, which has caused it to become snagged in Internet filters and has turned off potential readers.

beaver cover 240I guess back in 1920 when the magazine was founded, a you-know-what was called something else.

TV in other lands: don’t vouch for the couch…


Blog Guy, I guess I watch way too much junk television, because I don’t really know what’s going on with other cultures around the world.  Can  you answer a question for me?

Sigh. I was afraid this would happen once I got tagged as an educational blog. Sure, go ahead.

The easy answer to airline security…


Blog Guy, I know you’ve done security consulting before. What’s the answer to this new air safety controversy over full body frisking, etc?

peoples choice vinyl crop 220Oh, please. The so-called “experts” are overlooking the perfect solution.

Sumo-size me!



Ladies, welcome to our show! You’re in for quite a treat tonight!

JAPAN/Those of you who have seen our Chippendales Dancers perform in the past probably noticed they were great-looking guys, but were a little too thin and buff and muscular.

Many of you complained about this, so we went ahead and increased their meal rations to 4,000 calories a day, most of it deep-fried.

I don’t remember HER from the revolution!



Comrade Johnson, thank you for coming in. We have just a few questions before we renew your license to paint revolutionary Communist heroes.

We’ve dropped by your workshop, and most of your portraits are very nice. Good job on Deng and Mao. Very inspiring…