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Lions and Tigers and Jimi, oh my!


Blog Guy, I’ve been watching all the Woodstock retrospectives, but I’m afraid I just don’t get what it was all about. You’re a pretty old dude who remembers a few things from the ’60s, so I’m hoping you can clear this up.

I resent being called a “pretty old dude,” but I do think I can help. For most of the people there that weekend in 1969, the stage activity looked very much like these photos you see here.

Now WAIT just a second! I watched the Woodstock movie three times on my Blu-ray, and I didn’t see any tigers OR lions!

Hey! Don’t blame my generation if you ‘re not smart enough to adjust your Blu-ray player. This particular footage shows Led Zeppelin at Woodstock. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Spain’s school for waiters! Flan with élan?


Okay gentlemen, listen up. You’re all here because you were accepted at Fancypants University! Good old FU, the best school for waiters in all of Spain.

You look muy bueno in your festive outfits, with your tablecloths folded over your arms.

Here comes that damn Rolls again!


Blog Guy, I collect photos of vintage Rolls-Royces in different places. You got any?

Sure. Here’s a butt-load of shots from Madonna’s current tour.

Hang on, I said DIFFERENT places!

They are. The one on the right is from yesterday, in Estonia. The others are from Austria, Brazil, Wales, England, the U.S.A…

I’ll make him an office he can’t refuse…


Regular readers know how much I hate remakes of classic movies, but the worst thing is when they get it all wrong. After seeing this studio publicity shot from “The New Godfather,” I contacted the director to ask what the hell is going on.

“It is the famous scene where the man sleeps with the donkeys.”

No, no, no. The man sleeps with the fishes!

“But I am sure there is a donkey, too.”

Huh-uh. A guy wakes up with a horse head in his bed, but that’s a different scene.

I’ll moider you, Porcupine!


Hey Blog Guy, whatever happened to the Three Stooges? Are they retired?

Not many people know this, but they moved to South Korea and ran for office, because we hadn’t yet started electing comedians to Congress here.

They’re in the Korean National Assembly now, wreaking typical havoc, as you can see in this studio publicity shot from “The Three Stooges, Seoul’d Out!”

Maybe she’s about to sneeze?


Blog Guy, what is that actress Pamela Anderson up to these days?

It’s a sad story. Judging from new photos of her, she’s lost all control of her face muscles. Still, the Serbs were nice enough to put her on the cover of their Playboy magazine.

Well, sure. Who looks at faces in Playboy, if you take my meaning? What does the magazine translate to in Serbian, anyway?

Who was that guy laughing during the memorial?


Blog Guy, I’ve been watching the whole Michael Jackson saga unfold since he died two weeks ago. What can you tell us about his father, Joe Jackson?

Well, there aren’t words to describe a parent’s loss of a son or daughter. Just look at Joe here, a few days before Michael’s death, so happy and full of joy, without a care in the…

On the phona in Pamplona?


Blog Guy, I was very interested in your report yesterday on the San Fermin festival, in Spain. May I ask a question about it?

Sure. I know quite a bit about the festival.

Well, I was wondering what it looks like if someone uses a phone at the festival.

Advice on juggling careers?


Blog Guy, I recently graduated from college with a major in creative writing and a minor in film studies. What sort of job should I be looking for?

Can you juggle?

What? You mean like tennis balls?

No, more like chainsaws. Ones that are actually running. If you check out the photo below, I think there may be an opening when Stumpy here “retires.”

How can we horn in at parties?


Blog Guy, my friend and I are two young women who have a musical duo. We play violin and tuba.

Interesting, I’m betting there isn’t much competition in that niche market.