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Then when I was six, we went to a zoo…

August 10, 2010


Blog Guy, I’m starting to get scared about this Apocalypse thing you keep writing about. A few days ago it was people trying to auction off embalming tools used on Elvis Presley. What next? Can the signs get any worse than that?

A different sort of water pick?

August 9, 2010


Blog Guy, I know you are an expert on other cultures. A couple from India has moved in next door to us, and I’d like to invite them over for a drink. Any tips for me?

I say! This is the BEST tug of war ever!

August 8, 2010

tug of war combo 490

Quick quiz: This man, the heir to an actual throne in a place I bet you’ve heard of, is giggling like a simpleton over…

Merry Christmas, Charlie!

August 4, 2010


Normally I wouldn’t bother being snarky about actor Charlie Sheen and his ongoing problems with the law. It’s just too easy.

Can they say that $#*! on TV now?

August 3, 2010

dad says 490

Blog Guy, I’m curious about an upcoming fall CBS television show. You know the one I mean?

Reality check?

July 31, 2010

Blog Guy, I’m addicted to reality television. You name it, I’ll watch it. “Temptation Island,” “Dance Your Ass Off,” “Married by America,” “The Real Housewives of  Schenectady”… I can’t get enough! I need to talk to you…

You don’t have Cruise control?

July 24, 2010

cruise and diaz

Boss! You’re not gonna believe who I just got a picture of today! I was just pointing my camera lens at a vineyard in southwestern France, and GUESS who showed up?

We do have some job openings, Lamar

July 16, 2010


Mr. Johnson, it’s me. They told me I had to show up in person at the employment office to prove I’m willing to take work. So here I am, what do you have for me?

What the Hell is that sound?

July 13, 2010


Blog Guy, can you answer a theological question for me?

I don’t see why not.

hell accordion 200Do you think there’s music in Hell?

I know for certain there is, and I have a very clear vision of what the big orchestra there sounds like. It’s not like anything you’d find on earth.

I say! What does one call that?

June 28, 2010

glastonbury charles crop 240Quick quiz: Britain’s Prince Charles, seen here in a double-breasted suit with a folded handkerchief in his pocket, is looking quizzically at…