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You gonna eat that Whopper, Judas?

March 23, 2010

supper top 490

I just love this story. These guys analyzed 52 paintings of “The Last Supper,” done over a period of 1,000 years, and they found the size of the main meal depicted has grown progressively by 69 percent.

Bye, bye Miss Canadian pie…

March 16, 2010

Blog Guy, I read that the Canadians are thinking of changing their national anthem, to make it gender-neutral. That sounds extreme. How sexist could their anthem be, anyway?

Some frickin’ chicken, Mr. President?

March 4, 2010

obama chicken combo 490

Blog Guy, can you please settle a bet I have with my boyfriend? Has President Obama ever seen a whole lot of fried chicken before?

Our cakes are CRAP-TASTIC!

February 11, 2010

Welcome to what may be the all-time best installment of our popular feature, “Stuff Maybe we Should Have Explained in the Caption, but Didn’t.”

Five people I don’t want to meet…

February 10, 2010

Readers often say to me, “Bob, in your line of work you must meet lots of interesting people,” and I say to them, “No, not really.”

That’s gonna hurt coming off…

February 6, 2010


What a frickin’ crap-fest of a day day this is!

green beans face 220Here I am, sittin’ outside under the bananas, peeling green beans! I hope my friends don’t see me. Could it get any worse?

Any unhappy workers, raise your hands!

February 4, 2010


Staff, I like to think of you as my friends, not just the little pissant scumbags I boss around…

I’m ready Lamar, go have that pork chop now!

February 1, 2010

Warning, this is an adults-only scene. It’s evening in the boudoir, a woman is wearing a black satin nightie and red stiletto heels, there’s chilled champagne beside the bed…

Fatty pork and rotten eggs for lunch?

January 19, 2010

Blog Guy, I know first lady Michelle Obama cares about a lot of good causes. Which do you think is most important to her?

Crack me another walnut, honey pie!

January 19, 2010

Blog Guy, I have a fashion problem. Lots of times on a date a guy will offer me a walnut, but I never know how I’m supposed to crack it.