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The very worst way to go?

November 26, 2009

Blog Guy, I heard on the news that some poor man died a fiendishly horrible death a couple of days ago over there in Spain. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Kids, who wants to swing the cleaver?

November 22, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m looking to hire an entertainer for my daughter’s fourth birthday party. Can you recommend somebody who makes balloon animals? I want the very best.

No room for a legume?

November 19, 2009

Well fashion fans, it won’t be long now. It’s the evening of the big Victoria’s Secret annual holiday fashion show. I mean, most of YOU won’t see it today, because it won’t be aired for a couple of weeks, but we’ll have lots of still photos for you and if you flip through them real fast, it’s just like being there.

Want some kaBob? Some kaDave?

November 16, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m planning a trip to Russia soon and as a hotshot travel writer you know a lot about different cuisines. So like, in Moscow, is there anything I should avoid?

Have fun, will travel…

November 5, 2009

Blog Guy, I just read a great Travel and Leisure magazine article titled “Top Travel Websites of 2009,” and do you KNOW what I found?

Down in the Dumps on this thing with the Humps

November 4, 2009

Blog Guy, I used to love Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy. Strumming his guitar as he rode along. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Two, four, six, eight, who do we emaciate?

October 28, 2009

Boss, those models are back complaining again.

Boy, it’s always something with them. What is it this time?

They haven’t eaten since 2006. Look at that one on the runway, with the spindly legs and her pelvis protruding through her skin…

Hummus a few bars, for pita’s sake…

October 26, 2009

Blog Guy, I heard some Lebanese dudes set a new record for the largest plate of hummus over the weekend. Give us details!

Brace yourself for eel farming in Holland

October 13, 2009

Blog Guy, how do you decide what photos to use? I think you’re holding out on us. I bet there’s better stuff than just shots of people making goofy faces and fashion models with their hoo-hahs showing. How about letting us READERS decide?

Got milk? Farmers face lactose intolerance…

October 5, 2009

Blog Guy, I heard milk farmers staged a big protest today. Boy, it’s violence everywhere, isn’t it? What was it this time? Guns, firebombs…