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Exotic spice is true grit!


Quick quiz: If you have a meal in The Gulf region and can’t quite place the distinctive, piquant, exotic flavor, it’s most likely…

a) Amba, a savory mango pickle condiment

b) Cardamom seeds mixed with cumin

c) Mahlab, made from the St.Lucie Cherry

d) About 30 pounds of desert sand embedded at high speed during the cooking process

That’s right, it’s d), so don’t try to chew every little bit of it.

Check out the masked dude below, just going along roasting his chickens in the middle of a sandstorm.

Palin leaves office with relish?


What’s wrong, Blog Guy? I don’t understand!

Huh? You don’t understand what?

I’ve been seeing pictures of former governor Sarah Palin yesterday serving hot dogs as she left the governor’s job.  Isn’t that a natural for you? Why aren’t you all over it?

Oh, that. It’s just too obvious. Too easy. What would I even say?

Come on, straighten up, Mister! You’d say like, Sarah Palin’s wurst job? Or look at the buns on that governor? Or losers and wieners? Or I know, Sarah the Redhot Mama?

Nice melons, soldier!


Blog Guy, you seem to know quite a lot about how the military works in various countries, so I have a question.

I’ll do my best.

I was wondering how the paramilitary police carry watermelons in China.

I get that question a lot, and I believe this photo illustrates the technique they use.

Welcome to the Scarf ‘n’ Barf

Blog Guy, you do a wonderful job of keeping us up on what the elite are doing. Where is the Smart Set this week, so we can once again envy the lush life?

There’s only one place to find the Beautiful People this week, awash in a sea of red scarves at the San Fermin festival in Spain!

Abe Lincoln, the Big Cheese!


Happy July 4th, Blog Guy. I just saw an Abe Lincoln statue made of cheese. Isn’t that disrespectful?

No. If you know your history, you know Lincoln was a passionate cheese enthusiast.

“How’s your Bypass Burger, Lonnie? Lon? Lon!”


The problem with providing health care to every American is that it would even go to patrons of the Heart Attack Grill, a hospital-themed restaurant in Arizona.

That eatery, employing all the knee- slapping humor that life-threatening coronary disease has to offer, serves up a “Quadruple Bypass Burger” to customers, and when they’re finished, a waitress pushes them out to the car in a wheelchair.

Mess hall food no Dutch treat?


Blog Guy, I read that Australia’s troops in Afghanistan are unhappy with their food. Apparently they don’t like the stuff that the Dutch-run mess hall is serving. Could Dutch food really be that bad?

No. The Dutch eat lots of great cheeses, and all kinds of chocolate and stuff.

That sounds yummy. Have you been to Australia? What do they eat there?

Yes, I have. They eat Vegemite, this dark brown food paste that they spread on everything.

Cheese, oh soothing cheese…


You’ve GOT to help me, Blog Guy! Big News is breaking too fast. North Korean nukes, a new Supreme Court Justice, the economy….

Can you please direct me to the LEAST significant thing on earth? I need to totally zone out for about 45 seconds with the most inconsequential thing you can find.

Hey, my Raisinets are moving!


Blog Guy, I went to dinner last night with friends here in Colombia. The  restaurant must have been in a skyscraper, because when we looked down, everything looked like ants!

You were looking at the dishes on your table, and they WERE ants. This is the season when they eat huge ants in various ways in Colombia.

Honey, the guide says they serve IMPORTED rats here!

Quick quiz: Thousands of live rats in Cambodia, shown in crates below, are being shipped to Vietnam to…

a) enjoy a getaway at one of the world’s top rat vacation destinations.

b) be used as Happy Rat Day gifts.

c) take part in a rat exchange which could lead to a foreign exchange program involving real students.