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I’m goin’ to the inconvenience store, honey!


In Japan, 24-hour convenience stores may shorten their hours to help limit carbon dioxide emissions. They could close at 11 p.m. and reopen again at 7 a.m. 

WHAT? But I NEED some Utz Cheese Curls and Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, NOW! And don’t say plan ahead, because you do not plan those things.

So now the criminal element will step in. Decent citizens will creep down dark alleys where a guy will open a trench coat and sell them a bag of Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos for like $40. Is that how you want to live?

This raises another important question, too. If you have a store that is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., whatever would you NAME something like that? 

Enjoy your lavish 38-cent lunch…move along…


spices-140.jpgThis story puzzles me. A rich 80-year-old widow spent thousands of dollars on a “feast” for 100,000 people, hoping it would please the gods and open the doors of heaven for her. Our story says she spent $37,500 on the lunches.

For starters, there’s the math. It looks to me like she dropped a measly 38 cents per person. Hard to believe that counts as a feast, much less justifies the word “lavish” that local officials used to describe it.

How ya gonna keep ‘em down on the farm? Like this!


calendar-2-160.jpgBlog Guy, with food prices soaring all over the world, I’m curious about whether any country has been able to keep farming costs under control?

Yes, Switzerland has succeeded in keeping its young men and women very interested in staying on the farm, working long hours for low wages.

Garlic ice cream? I should think not!


Remember me, Blog Guy? My photo collection of the rich and powerful eating ice cream is queen-crop-face-160.jpgreally taking off, thanks to your help! You mentioned you were trying for a shot of Queen Elizabeth. Any luck yet?

No. We were all set to get one at a demo where ice cream was being made, but instead of scarfing down a big scoop with her bare hands as we were expecting, the Queen just made a hideous face.

Remember to feed the fish, dear!


beautyworld-hand-120.jpgWe’re back again at Beautyworld Japan, the same event that brought us the Pink Bedpan Necklace yesterday, because we wanted to see if they had anything more ridiculous than that to offer. And guess what?

“Okay, Mr. Sherman, loosen up. We’re just gonna jam your face underwater in this aquarium and let these little bitty piranha babies nibble your skin. They’ll cleanse your face and, you know, maybe expose a little skull.

Chocolates are only funny if they move!



We’ve lamented the scourge of Hollywood remaking classic films many times. Tacky updates of The Great Escape, The Birds and others. Well, it makes even less sense to tamper with great moments from the golden age of television.

Any list of classic early TV scenes is bound to include Lucy and Ethel on the chocolate line. So, imagine my chagrin at seeing footage from an apparent cable TV effort to recreate this iconic sketch.

Are you crazy? Are you blind?


snl-120.jpg“Another gherkin for me, please…” Excuse me, I’m just practicing phrases to use in Vienna for Euro 2008, thanks to a guide for visitors who wish to try the local dialect.

Our story says the guide helps with ordering Austrian cuisine, flirting with local women, and other tourist situations. I hope the gherkin line is under food rather than flirting, because not all chicks would consider it a turn-on.

Odd Blog gets political scoops…


ice-cream-charles-140.jpgBlog Guy, I’m the reader who collects pictures of rich people eating ice cream. You really helped me out with that shot of Warren Buffett and a popsicle. I’m expanding my collection to include prominent leaders eating ice cream, and I wonder if you have anything to contribute. 

I was able to come up with shots of the two Democratic presidential candidates eating ice cream. Moreover, they reflect diversity. It turns out Hillary Clinton is a cup person, while Barack Obama is a cone guy.

And that should bring us lots of dough oh-oh-oh….


The tills are alive, with the sound of money,
The tourists will pay, for our souvenirs,
Their cash fills our tills, with the sound of mon-ney
Room service, bring us a doz-zen beers!

It turns out the original Sound of Music family home is being turned into a hotel, or you might say a von tourist von Trapp… You can sleep there, you can get married in the family chapel, or eat a few of your favorite things in the dining room.

The whole mango fandango!


mango.jpgBlog Guy, I’ve always wanted to see a whole bunch of people cramming mangoes in their mouth as fast as they can. Can you do anything for me?

That’s easy. Our researchers quickly came up with 43 seconds of a mango-eating contest where the winner walks off with a box of mangoes.