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Remake more splish than splash?

March 25, 2008

splash-160.jpgAfter recently breaking huge stories about remakes of “The Birds” and “The Great Escape,” this blog has more Hollywood news. It turns out they’ve done a cheap remake of the 1984 Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah mermaid hit, “Splash.”

It’s like surf ‘n’ turf in a bag!

March 19, 2008

Welcome back to Great Challenges in Advertising. A woman in South Korea says she found a rat head in some shrimp cracker snacks, and we’re wondering how they could reposition that product in the marketplace. Your suggestions so far:

Help me, I’m in a grape jam!

March 13, 2008

grape-2-crop-160.jpgMaybe you saw, this guy sued a store for $600,000. He says a squashed grape got lodged under the sole of his shoe, making him slip and fall. I’ve been trying to duplicate this, like folks who shoot at cantaloupes trying to make a point about the JFK assassination.

How the Pillsbury Doughboy got started

March 11, 2008

flour-160.jpgEaster is approaching and, for some people in Greece, that brings to mind those two important words: food fight. Every year, the folks in this town spend the day bombarding one another with colored flour until they’re encrusted with it.

Hold the herb, Herb!

March 4, 2008

coriander-300.jpg“…egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam…”

Gastronomy? Sure, you got a telescope?

February 26, 2008

champagne-120.jpgFrance, where they eat snails and frog legs, wants to be the first country to put its cuisine on the United Nations’ World Heritage List. But Italy, where they eat pasta and pizza, says good luck with that, snail-chewers.

Let them eat cake, if they can find it

February 22, 2008

Maryland, which already has jousting as its official sport, is considering adopting something called the Smith Island Cake as its official dessert. Seriously, you can read about it.

Eat a little BLT, find out what it means to me!

February 21, 2008

Some pig farmers have a problem. In what they call a last-ditch attempt to save Britain’s pork industry, they are releasing a song on the Internet, called “Stand by your Ham.” See, it’s a reworking of “Stand by your Man,” with a porcine theme.

Your mouth is oily, I like that in a man!

February 4, 2008

wingette-2-180.jpgBlog Guy, we all appreciate the wise career advice you give in your blog. Recently you reported on the worst job for a guy. Are there also bottom-of-the-barrel jobs for women, so I can avoid them?

Please sir, may I have a smaller plate?

February 4, 2008

model-plate-180.jpgWe keep hearing that fashion models are too thin, but what exactly do they eat to fortify themselves for a demanding day of strutting and pouting?