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It’s me! Please! It’s really me!


Blog Guy, I heard a weird rumor from my barista’s used car dealer.

What are the chances of that? What did he say?

You know the Wonder Woman character from the comic books?

He said Wonder Woman got really rich from those stories over the years, but went sort of crazy, and that now a comic book cartel is keeping her under wraps to avoid bad publicity.

Now she lives as a glamorous recluse in her own little world, trying to convince strangers of her true identity by showing old sketches of herself.

I’m listening. Go on.

They say she lives in a fancy high-rise apartment and once in a while you can see her at the window, always dressed in a gold lamé gown, pounding to get attention until her handlers drag her back into the darkness.

Hmmmm. Yeah, that all sounds fairly plausible to me, except for one thing. Wouldn’t people recognize her instantly from her gorgeous hair, which was so black it actually looked blue in the comics?

Could you resist the temptation?


Blog Guy, you seem to be dropping the ball on Stupid Sports, which used to be one of your main coverage areas. Come on, there must be SOMETHING goofy going on among the world’s athletes!

You’re right, this is the season for Traction Distraction Racing, and I have to say…

Shooting through a glass, darkly…


girlfriends combo 490

Johnson, get your butt into my office! You call yourself a news photographer?

girlfriend 4 side 220Jeez, Boss, I thought I was doing better. What’s wrong?

I send you out to cover Formula One racing over the weekend, and you come back with shots of cars?

Look at this crap! Cars having wrecks, cars on fire, cars flying through the air…