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Revenge of the jacuzzi floozy!


Every so often, we see a product that is so amazingly stupid it deserves our special attention.

Look at this photo from a luxury goods show in Romania, featuring a jacuzzi with a TELEVISION. What could possibly go wrong here?

“Welcome home, honey! Grab your drinkie and slip into the jacuzzi with me. I’m watching Dexter. How was your day?

“By the way, our insurance guy called to thank you for raising  your life insurance policy to $10 million – he said it was a smart thing to do.

Hit the trenches! Falling wenches!


Blog Guy, I was fascinated by your report from the Millionaire Fair. What else can you say about what those wacky rich people are up to?

It seems rich folks don’t like to go up to a bar for drinks, so now chicks drop upside-down from the ceiling to fill their glasses.

Look like Teri Hatcher, in seconds!


Blog Guy, I heard about some awesome new software that automatically makes you look better in photos than you do in real life!

Yeah, I know all about it. It was developed by computer scientists, and it works! The software applies a formula to turn original shot of this woman, on the left, into the more attractive version on the right.

Your lingerie came today, Ray!


KRAMER: Mansiere?
FRANK: That’s right. A brassiere for a man. The Mansiere, get it?

Once again, pop culture was way ahead of what some folks like to call reality.

Everybody remembers the classic Seinfeld episode about The Mansiere.

Now, a Japanese online lingerie retailer is selling bras for cross-dressing men, and they’ve quickly become one of its most popular items. I am not making this up.

Ma, where’s that mortar ya made?


Quick quiz: which of these are really great homemade?

a) tart, tangy double-crust apple crisp
b) flaky buttermilk biscuits with honey
c) a steaming pot of spicy chili
d) mortars

I hope you identified mortars as the one thing you should probably get from a reputable mortar store, not a basement metal workshop.

I’m strangely attracted to you…


So there’s a gadget show this weekend, and some of the stuff is pretty neat. A “robot guitar” that tunes its own strings, a solar-powered mobile phone charger, and best of all, a chair that uses powerful magnets to float in the air.

They say the hover chair feels like you’re “floating on a cloud,” but let’s get serious. That’s fun for what, two seconds? The real fun comes when you use those super magnets for evil:

Scram! It’s Jeannie Lamborghini!


Note to TV producers: The bidding starts today on a new super-hit series. It’s an action cop show called Jeannie Lamborghini, and it’s all true. And by “all true,” I mean some of it is true.

The Italian police have their own Lamborghini sports car for police work. It can go 203 miles an hour, perfect for catching getaway cars that can only hit 200. It has gadgets galore, even a heart defibrillator, which of course will be used to zap street scum in every episode.

Think we used too much gunpowder?


The actual caption for this photo below says these workers are TESTING FIRECRACKERS at a firecracker factory. I am not making this up.

firecrackers-crop-1022.jpgHerbie, welcome to your first day as a firecracker tester here at Acme. Any questions?

She’s what you want in a laptop!


Blog Guy, I’m shopping for a laptop. I know you’re really up on technology, so what should I be looking for?

model-new-240-this.jpgWell, the model is VERY important.

Uh, sure, you mean like ThinkPad T61 vs. the PowerBook or whatever?

No, I mean the chick model they use to show off the laptop! For instance, I like this new model shown today with the skimpy halter top and bare midriff. Plenty to look at there.

Perfect for when you don’t dare look up!


fashion-weird-crop-160.jpgBlog Guy, I have a fashion problem. Somebody in the apartment building next to mine is always throwing stuff out their window when I walk by. Thawed Butterball turkeys, bedpans, live rodents… I need protection, but I don’t want to sacrifice style.  Help!

This is happening more than you would think, and top designers are starting to address the need.