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Marching to a different eardrummer?


Blog Guy, it’s been a while since you spotted a new sign of the onrushing Apocalypse. I guess things must be getting a little better?

Hardly. The Apocalyptic story of the year is this week’s “One dead in ear-cleaning salon attack.”

To Apocalypse watchers it might as well say, “Enormous asteroid hurtles toward Muncie.”

I mean, gosh. what are the chances a place where men go to rest their heads on a woman’s lap and get their ears cleaned might attract some nutjobs?

So, do you get many monsters here in Japan?


Welcome back to a feature we like to call, Haven’t These Guys Ever Seen a Movie?

In life, we should always defer to the wisdom of those who have wasted countless hours in the local multiplex, and yet we never do.

Two thousand folks to avoid?


A few months ago I launched a Facebook Network Page for readers of this blog. It was largely a public service, so readers could recognize and avoid one another in social situations.

Anyway, fast-forward to yesterday, when some innocent reader became the 2,000th person who was willing to admit to following this blog.

Smurf Village and the election day blues?


Blog Guy, are you able to answer questions about the election process in emerging democracies in other parts of the world?

Sure. My resources are endless.

Whenever there is an election these days, I see news photos of voters holding up ink-stained  fingers, I guess to keep them from casting more than one ballot.

Okay, let’s see which of you tramps lights up!


They’ve just unveiled a prototype dress designed to light up when the wearer’s mobile telephone rings. As high-tech gadgets go, I just don’t see this one catching on.

Where to begin? Do you want folks to know how pathetically unpopular you are when you hang out with the gang and your dress doesn’t light up once?

It don’t get no stupider than this!


Blog Guy, I know you declared that wedding countdown bra to be the worst idea ever. Now that we have a winner, are you finished watching for other stupid stuff?

Hardly. In fact, I may have spoken too soon. The beer bike, which is a tourist thing over in the Dutch Holland Netherlands, may be even more lame than the bra.

Maybe the worst idea EVER?


Every so often an idea comes along that is so awful it makes me wonder why there isn’t a “Bad Idea Hall of Fame” or maybe a “Bad Idea Olympics.”

Meet the “marriage hunting” bra, unveiled today in Tokyo.

It features a digital marriage countdown clock and, being a bra, it is worn around the midriff. I’m not making this up.

Why are you so happy? I mean disgusted?

Blog Guy, what’s t he stupidest thing you’ve seen all year?

Saya, the humanoid robot teacher who supposedly makes facial expressions.

What’s so stupid about her?

They’re the worst expressions I’ve ever seen. I mean, who are we kidding?

These photos show Saya showing happiness, surprise, anger, disgust and fear, plus a shot of actress Martha Plimpton so I have an even number of headshots. Can you tell which expression is which?

Reboot! I said, reboot now!


Blog Guy, I’m CEO of a struggling U.S. company. I need to reduce my Information Technology costs. My employees act like computers grow on trees, abusing equipment and stuff. Our geeky tech staff is too timid to crack the whip. Help!

Maybe you’re hiring your techies in the wrong place, sir. Send your recruiters to the Information Technology college, in Baghdad.

Gotcha, honey! It’s 4 a.m. and nobody’s here!


Blog Guy, you know a lot about the inner workings of government. I was wondering, how does President Barack Obama keep on schedule?

It’s not easy. A guy like Obama has three, maybe four appointments a day. It’s hard to be on time for that much stuff. He’s always looking at his watch, as you can see in this photo.