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When celebrities cut their own hair…


glamour penn 490

Blog Guy, I’m tired of striking out with the chicks. What do those big Hollywood stars have that I don’t have? Can you let us in on some of their secrets?

glamour combo 320Sorry, I’m not supposed to reveal any of them.

Come on. It’s not like anybody else will see it here in your blog.

Okay. It’s mostly their hair. You take a big star like Sean Penn, he pays fifteen, maybe twenty bucks for a haircut, plus a tip.

Twenty bucks? No!

glamor penn smoking 240Yeah, plus the big stars have folk in their entourage that do nothing but make sure they look good in public.

So that’s it? Just the hair?

Not exactly. It’s a whole package thing. These entourage people, they go everywhere with the stars, making the most of their rugged good looks and helping them project the right image.