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Courting the goat vote…


Blog Guy, with the 2012 presidential campaign now underway, I’m surprised nobody is covering the goat angle.

Yeah, many political writers handle that group with kid gloves, but not me, not with all of the candidates actively courting the goat vote.

Are goats interested in the issues?

Are they! You go to any candidate’s events in New Hampshire these days, and you’ll find the goats bleating about something or other.

Four years ago they went for Obama, but this time around they’re listening to the Republican candidates and ruminating.

For the foodie who has everything…


Blog Guy, I have a cooking question. How do you handle the pesky chore of skinning your snakes?

It’s easy, with the Williams-Sonoma Deluxe Snake Skinner, $4,299.99. I recommend the outdoor model.