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Yikes! They’re scarin’ the visitors!


Blog Guy, you did a recent blog piece about the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop opening a room of goofy tennis faces…

Stop! I know just where this is going.

Right. An agency that manages athletes for endorsements has attacked you for calling tennis players “naturally goofy people who enjoy making dumb faces.” The agency said that was an “outrageous thing to say about a very attractive group of people.”

Yeah, we have a difference of opinion. Anyway, they’re sending a hand-picked committee of five big-name tennis players to the Museum today to discuss their concerns with me.

I’m having my assistant dig out some photos of the five, so I’ll know when I see them.

“Official” Barack Obama doughnuts!


Blog Guy, I’m going to Washington for the inauguration, and I’m so intrigued by your posts on the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop that I plan to visit that, too.

Cool! We’ve just added rooms for tennis and boxing photos to our Goofy Sports Faces Gallery.

When celebrities go goofy!


Blog Guy, you’ve written about your Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, that popular tourist attraction in Washington, DC.

My family stood in line for tickets there and loved it! What a magical place! We even bought the John McCain Calendar and the Goofy Face Mug Set at your gift shop!

Stop me if you’ve heard this joke!

Right, so the first chap says, “Knock-knock,” and then the other fellow says to his butler, “Go and see who that is…”

No, hang on, that’s not right. The fellow shouts, “I say, who is there?”

You must be Joshing!


Blog Guy, my girlfriend is in LOVE with some actor named Josh Brolin. She’s always like, “Josh Brolin this” and Josh Brolin that.”

What do you want me to do about it? I can’t have people killed anymore.

No, not that. But I read about your Oddly Enough Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, and I thought you just might have a less than flattering picture of this Brolin guy.

Queen gets ready to crown a guy…


Blog Guy, I read the recent item about your museum, the Oddly Enough Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop.


Do you ONLY have pictures of famous people making goofy faces, or can any hayseed get his picture in there?

Not just another pretty face…


Blog Guy, I was intrigued by your item this week on the Oddly Enough Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop. Is that a real place?

mccain-1010-200.jpgIt’s as real as anything else you’ll read about in this blog.

I was wondering why you have John McCain but not Barack Obama?

Several readers asked about this. Obama doesn’t make goofy faces, at least not while we’re looking. Of COURSE we at the Museum and Doughnut Shop want to include him. We’ve even sent one of our Goofy Face Coaches to follow him around and offer some pointers.

Look! It’s old Maverick-Face!


Blog Guy, does Republican candidate John McCain seem distracted these days?


Yes, he has other stuff on his mind. He’s auditioning for a spot in the the Oddly Enough Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop. He’s getting close, but isn’t quite there yet.

I’m not familiar with that institution.

It’s a VERY popular Washington, DC tourist attraction, right under the White House. We have 6,000 photos of famous people making incredibly goofy faces. And warm, tasty doughnuts, too!

What if his face freezes like that?


Okay Blog Guy, I enjoyed your advice on how average guys can look just like George Clooney, but I’m outraged over that Clooney photo you used in your blog, with his eyes all googly and everything! It was horrible!

On behalf of loyal Clooney fans everywhere, I DEMAND that you publish a different picture of this extremely handsome man!

Wow, you’re even better-looking in person!



Blog Guy, can you please settle a bet for me and my friends? Who is the best-looking guy in the world today?

Women tell me it’s George Clooney, for sure.

Cool. Then what can other guys do to look more like him?

Well, the main thing is the suit. A dude like that spends four, maybe five hundred bucks on a single suit, so of course he’s going to look great. Oh. And wear a tie, too.