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A very goofy photo opportunity!


bush-volleyball-2-140.jpgIt’s time once again for Things Maybe We Should Have Explained in a Caption, but Didn’t.

In the photo below, we’re told the President “playfully pats the back” of a volleyball team player, “at her invitation.”

Huh? It seems like we’re missing half the story here. If you’re not Barney the presidential dog, then how do you invite the Commander-in-Chief to pat your back?

Surely the Secret Service knows to intervene when somebody says, “Mr. President! Caress my latissimus dorsi!” If not, then they’d better learn before he visits the weightlifting team.

Garlic ice cream? I should think not!


Remember me, Blog Guy? My photo collection of the rich and powerful eating ice cream is queen-crop-face-160.jpgreally taking off, thanks to your help! You mentioned you were trying for a shot of Queen Elizabeth. Any luck yet?

No. We were all set to get one at a demo where ice cream was being made, but instead of scarfing down a big scoop with her bare hands as we were expecting, the Queen just made a hideous face.

Indiana Jones and the veggie of doom!


Blog Guy, I’m so bummed about the new Indiana Jones movie! My girlfriend loves Harrison Ford, and now of course he’ll be everywhere. Could you help me by getting a real bad picture of him?

This one may work. We caught up with the actor today someplace in France. We said, “Hey Mr. Ford, you want a free Brussels sprout?” Amazingly, he took it, and we got the reaction as he chewed. I mean, he’s Harrison Ford – he’s not gonna just spit out vegetables on some sidewalk in France!

Your face could freeze like that…


fashion-tongue-160.jpgHere is an uplifting, inspirational story. When children  make grotesque faces, all parents say: “Your face could freeze like that. It happened to a girl I read about today in the paper.”

Well, who knew? There really is a condition called “Ugly Frozen Face.” I know, because I read about it today in the paper. A victim of this syndrome, a plucky lass named Tiffany, battled her way up to  model in a major fashion show. The audience cheered her wildly. 

“Pay up, I made her look away”


Okay, this presidential race is getting ridiculous. I mean, yesterday they held the first Democratic candidates’ “Goofy Face-Making Contest” in New Hampshire, and it was just plain scary.

Next week, it’s the all-candidate “Disco Dancing and Pie-Throwing Competition,” followed by… Wait, maybe that isn’t what’s going on here. Feel free to offer alternative captions via the “Submit Comment” link below.