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Mimes fighting to be heard….


Now the truth is out. By day, mimes entertain us by silently pretending to be trapped in glass boxes, and … well, come to think of it, that’s pretty much the extent of their act. 

Anyway, it turns out these white-faced denizens of street theater have their own army, with big mime guns – probably equipped with silencers – and they are planning some kind of revolution. The government is now aware of their violent plans, and reportedly is building enormous glass boxes for holding the thousands of mime POWs expected to be captured soon.

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Soldiers from special force unit “COE” take part in a military training exercise at the military base, near  Managua, June 13, 2007.  REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas

Lady, take the best spot on the beach!


Okay, nobody seems to think it’s bizarre that a model at a swimwear fashion show in Budapest struts out in a bikini, a garter and gun?

What kind of beaches do they have over there in Hungary, anyway? Because, call me a weenie if you want, but I kind of like to relax in resorts where a big Super Soaker is about the most dangerous thing around.

Vodka and guns: your classic mix…


You remember the posting yesterday showing a wolf hunter blowing into his gun? It didn’t look like the safest thing in the world, and it brought to mind that wise saying, “Friends don’t let friends suck on a gun barrel.”

Well, it gets better. The hunt is over now, and what nicer way to celebrate than with a picnic on the hood of your car, complete with ample supplies of vodka? We’ve got our guns and our booze and our car – a perfect combo.

“Be vewy vewy quiet; I’m hunting wabbits”


Is Elmer Fudd off hunting wolves in Belarus, or do they just not have much of a firearm safety education program over there?

Our photo caption says this guy is using his gun as a horn to gather hunters. What? So, there’s like a horn shortage in Belarus? Horns are so hard to come by that guys are forced to stick a gun barrel in their mouth to communicate?

Election campaigning: more bang for your buck…


Elections are coming up in the Philippines, and that means an increase in business for:

a) guys who make ballot boxes
b) guys who print campaign posters
c) guys who create campaign advertising
d) guys who make guns for intimidating voters

The Moor the merrier…


Um, I hate to complain, but… These guys are reenacting a famous 1609 battle, with realistic period muskets and costumes and, well, sunglasses? I mean, it kind of detracts from the authenticity, don’t you think? Face it, that guy in front, with the shades and the big gold belt, looks more like a professional TV wrestler than a 17th century soldier. Feel free to drop us some clever captions via Post a Comment.moor360.jpg

Men hold their guns during a traditional festival of “Moors and Christians,” remembering an assault of moorish pirates in the year 1609 on the village of Calpe, near the eastern Spanish town of Alicante October 23, 2006. REUTERS/Heino Kalis