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Herb, there’s a gun on your head!


Welcome back to our popular feature, Stuff Maybe we Should Have Mentioned in the Caption, but Didn’t.

The real actual caption on this photo on the right tells us “A man dances with his rifle on his head” during a festival.

Well, yeah, I can see that, and I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong, but it still makes me wonder. Because where I grew up, dancing with a rifle on your head definitely went on your permanent high school record.

There’s more. Another caption, below, tells us a dancer is shooting his rifle during the festival.

Fire, ready, aim!


Blog Guy, I know you study military preparedness around the world. How do U.S. troops compare in areas like marksmanship?

We’re far ahead of most countries … Look at some photos taken in the last couple of days.

Is that Officer Roy firing at us?


For those of you still placing bets on the arrival of the Apocalypse, hurry up. It’s almost here.

These are police at “advanced motorcycle training.” I guessed it was a special squad trained to protect us from the growing threat of two-dimensional billboard art, but I was wrong.

I hope you shoot better than you dress!


Blog Guy, I’m amazed by the Secret Service agents who protect our president. You never see a firearm, yet you know they’re ready for action. Is it like that all over?

No, sometimes you actually catch a brief glimpse of gun, in places like Georgia.

Reboot! I said, reboot now!


Blog Guy, I’m CEO of a struggling U.S. company. I need to reduce my Information Technology costs. My employees act like computers grow on trees, abusing equipment and stuff. Our geeky tech staff is too timid to crack the whip. Help!

Maybe you’re hiring your techies in the wrong place, sir. Send your recruiters to the Information Technology college, in Baghdad.

Stop the limo, I want to limbo!


Jack be limbo, Jack be quick, Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock, Hey, let’s dance just like Barack!

Blog Guy, as an observer of the Washington scene, can you tell us what sort of stuff President Barack Obama likes to do for fun? How does he relax?

Call me the Mocketeer! The Mocket Man!


Here we have this rich guy in Japan who spent $350,000 on mock missiles to act as a “deterrent” against a possible rocket incursion from North Korea.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute. His mock missiles are supposed to deter real ones.

Be as classy as a drug lord!


Quick quiz: Business is good, you have a lot of extra cash, so you use it to…

a) make a major donation to Doctors Without Borders

b) build a new homeless kitchen in your city

c) establish a scholarship fund for Katrina victims

d) cover your gun, your cellphone, your patio furniture and your grandma in gold and diamonds.

I have you in my sights, wabbit!


Sometimes it seems to take real people way too long to catch up with Looney Tunes.

Below is a photo of some Israeli guy showing off a “corner shotgun,” which apparently lets you shoot the enemy around corners, without exposing yourself.

Draw your weapons!


Blog Guy, the police in England didn’t used to carry guns, but someone told me it’s different now.

It has changed slightly. Police are now allowed to carry a photo or a drawing of a pistol to use against criminals.