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The worst fashions? Manure couture…


Blog Guy, I mainly come here for your coverage of really bad fashion. You do show us ALL the worst creations, right?

Of course I do. Except the stuff I need to protect my readers from, of course. But everything else gets…

Wait a second, Blog Guy. Nobody asked you to protect us.

We can take it, no matter how bad it is. We DEMAND to see the worst runway designs this year, and we want to see them now!

But I don’t think…

Don’t make me go to your boss, Blog Guy.

Okay, you asked for it.

Up at the top we have Hulga, sporting a bighorn sheep hairstyle, made possible by 4,260 rubber bands. She hasn’t blinked in a week.

The food is greasy, but your hair is great!


Blog Guy, I need some advice on home entertaining, and I know you’re an expert. Can you help me with some nagging problems?

Sure, what can I do for you?

Well, we have some friends coming to dinner soon, but it falls on the same day of the month that I wash my hair! I can’t figure a way out of this one.

Warning: suspect may wear a mullet-proof vest…


Okay, how is this guy not in jail yet?

We’ve had several stories about the so-called “Mullet Bandit,” who has robbed four banks in Ohio in the past month.

The guy earned the clever nickname by being a bandit and, well, sporting a classic mullet haircut, short in front but long in the back. Here he is in the top photo.

Real nice tats, you betcha!


Hey Blog Guy, I know you’re really into presidential politics. So, is Sarah Palin going to run, or not?

It’s hard to say for sure, but all the telltale signs are there.

Like what?

Well, she was here in DC on Sunday, and she did the traditional Admiring of the Tattoos, as every prospective candidate does.

She flew in on Hair Force One?


Come on into Air Force One, sir. You’re the new hairdresser here to style the first lady’s hair for the big trip?

Yes, I am. I must admit I was a little surprised to be called in for such a big job.

I’ve decided not to be President Trump…


Blog Guy, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve been sobbing.

Yeah, I have. I’m pretty broken up about Donald Trump not running for president.

But you weren’t going to vote for him, anyway.

Yes, but I figured my blog was practically written in advance through 2012. It would have been so easy. I’ll never find anybody like that again.

It’s not tricky, tiki isn’t tacky…



Blog Guy, now that Donald Trump may run for president, what are you going to do? Will you be caught up short at the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, what with the scarcity of funny photos of Trump?

goofy trump combo 340Are you kidding me? Our only problem will be whether to build a new wing or just a huge annex to display our Trump collection.

When celebrities cut their own hair…


glamour penn 490

Blog Guy, I’m tired of striking out with the chicks. What do those big Hollywood stars have that I don’t have? Can you let us in on some of their secrets?

glamour combo 320Sorry, I’m not supposed to reveal any of them.

Come on. It’s not like anybody else will see it here in your blog.

Okay. It’s mostly their hair. You take a big star like Sean Penn, he pays fifteen, maybe twenty bucks for a haircut, plus a tip.

She just watched “Casablanca,” or what?


crying model this 490

Quick quiz: The fashion model seen here is weeping because…

a) Peace in the Middle East is such an elusive goal.

b) There just isn’t enough time to help everyone who needs it.

c) “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is SO intense.

d) She is overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of a simple butterfly.

e) She doesn’t like her haircut.

weeping model 320Sorry, all of you who chose Middle East peace.

That was a good guess, but this lady was reduced to tears because her stylist cut too much off before a fashion show, and apparently she’s never heard of wigs or stocking caps or anything like that.

You sort of have to wonder HOW too much got cut off, what with all the mirrors they have backstage and the fact that models probably spend 98 percent of their time worrying about their own looks.

Remember the name Hulga Fekrat…


supermodels combo 490

Blog Guy, I want to pick your brain.

You’re going to need a court order for that.

No, I just want to make use of your wealth of knowledge about the fashion world.

fekrat 240 verticalWho are the very, very most beautiful supermodels in the world right now? You know, the ones that can light up a runway with their very presence.