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Can YOU pass the Budapest Test?


Blog Guy, I know you have a background in education. What is the most widely accepted test to identify people with extremely low IQs?

The standard practice is just to look for people who wear baseball caps backwards. It’s foolproof, so to speak.

Yes, but I understand that method is most accurate on teenage boys. Is there a test that can be applied to a broader spectrum?

There is the so-called Budapest Test, but it’s relatively new.

Tell me about it.

They gave cardboard boxes containing swimwear to 10,000 people and one orangutan, when it was 100 degrees outside under the relentless August sun.

Yes, it’s hot enough for me! Okay?


I went out this morning and I lost count of the number of people who said, “Hot enough for you?” and “Gonna be a scorcher!”

I never know what to say to things like that.

Such comments are called phatic speech – words used to create an atmosphere of shared feelings, as opposed to imparting information.