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Honk if this seems strange…


Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down

Blog Guy, how’s come you’re playing a Doors album really loud? What’s up with that?

Oh, I think it’s that war in Libya. It’s getting weirder and weirder, and starting to remind me of tracks off that “Strange Days” album.

In this top photo, for instance, you can see an anti-Gaddafi fighter walking his ostrich.

That does look a little bit odd, but troops in war often have a mascot.

According to the photo caption, they’re going to eat it. Over here on the right, we see an anti-Gaddafi fighter advancing toward Sirte.

Try to remember the best of September


The figures are in for this blog’s most popular posts in September, and readers showed a wide variety of interests. They flocked to our pieces on rugby, especially the nude variety, and were eager to learn about flying machines and submarines you can build at home.

Throw in some arts, politics and entertainment, and you’ve got a well-rounded month for folks who no longer need constant supervision.

Let’s do something spontaneous, Baby!


Hey Blog Guy, how come you’re sitting in that huge tub of ice cubes up to your neck?

That’s my new “home.” I eat, sleep and blog here, under constant monitoring.

You want fries with that museum?


Honey, I have a surprise!
An entire museum of fries!
Let’s order a malted,
And everything salted,
Then leave, before anyone dies!

Blog Guy, I read your item about the Ramen Museum in Japan, which sounds kind of boring. Are there any really great food-themed museums?

It’s me! Please! It’s really me!


Blog Guy, I heard a weird rumor from my barista’s used car dealer.

What are the chances of that? What did he say?

You know the Wonder Woman character from the comic books?

He said Wonder Woman got really rich from those stories over the years, but went sort of crazy, and that now a comic book cartel is keeping her under wraps to avoid bad publicity.

Now she lives as a glamorous recluse in her own little world, trying to convince strangers of her true identity by showing old sketches of herself.

Whack it with a hammer, dude, I’m hungry!


Blog Guy, you haven’t shared any of those fancy Williams-Sonoma items recently, the ones for foodies with too much money. Don’t they have a new catalog out?

They do indeed, and I recommend you try making their clay chicken.

Clay chicken? Isn’t the phrase CLAY PIGEON?

Nope, this is something they call a “fun and easy way to cook chicken.” It involves two chickens and nine pounds of clay, which hardens around the meat during the process. Then, when you’re ready to serve it, you slam it with a big mallet to crack the clay open.

Then, with flames licking at her heels…


Okay, Lamar, I put you in charge of designing our whole new line of women’s shoes, so show us what you came up with.

Here you go, Boss, behold the new Feet of Fire collection.

It’s everything the young professional woman needs. These flaming tail fins send the message, “Watch out, world, my feet are on fire and I’m stopping for nobody!”

I’ve got all your spam, Ronald!


Believe it or not, I’ve found something even more irritating than getting spam.

Getting SOMEBODY ELSE’S spam.

Just when I thought unwanted e-mails couldn’t get any stupider, along come some spammers mistaking me for a guy named RONALD Basler. The actual screen grab above shows just a small sampling of the offers Ronald is getting at my e-mail address.

So it’s the nudes vs. the dorks?


Blog Guy, I’m looking to join a rugby team. I saw your item about Naked Rugby, but I seem to recall there are two different kinds of rugby. Is that right?

Sure. There’s the Stark Naked Rugby, and then there’s the Traditional Old-Fashioned Rugby.

When animals know all our secrets…


Blog Guy, my tax guy’s taxidermist told me something really creepy. He has close ties to the animal kingdom.

You mean from stuffing and mounting them?

Yeah. And he said animals are spying on humans, building up huge dossiers. He says ducks are the worst.