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It’s the carry-out menu! You up for pizza?


George, I brought you a special gift. Italy’s greatest piece of literature, “The Divine Comedy.”

Hey thanks, Silvio! I love comedies. I’ll read it during the meeting this afternoon.

Um, it’s not really a comedy, George. It’s all about different sections of  Hell, and what politicians are there.

Politicians in Hell? It can’t be a true story!

It’s an allegory, George.

Oh, man, I hear you. My allegories start up every spring, as soon as that pollen hits the air.

Glad gladiators and merrier terriers!


Blog Guy, I know that President-Elect Barack Obama brought diverse groups together. What’s the oddest coalition you’ve seen from  the election?

That’s easy. In Italy, there was a group called Terriers and Roman Centurions for Obama.

Looks like I didn’t get my wish…


trevi-full-240.jpgBlog Guy, all my life I dreamed of a Rome vacation. Last week I finally got there. I went to the famed Trevi fountain, and LIZA MINNELLI was there! She wouldn’t shut up, so my dream trip was ruined!

This doesn’t surprise me. The exact same thing happened to me at the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall, and some lounge in Las Vegas. She’s showing up all over.

A wiener dog is my copilot!


Blog Guy, I’m planning a vacation in Italy. I hear there are labor problems at the airline over there. What is the main issue?

alitalia-dog-220.jpgWell, it looks like flight crews are demanding the right to execute passengers by hanging.