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I gotta do WHAT for a bonus? No way!


Quick quiz: Down in Bolivia, the ruling party has proposed a new Labor Code that would give workers a bonus for…

BOLIVIA/a) exceeding their sales quota

b) working on weekends

c) showing up for work early

d) showing up for work on time

Yeah, I missed this one, too. It turns out, the bonus would be for getting their butts to work ON TIME every day. That’s it.

“Boss! How come I didn’t get my bonus for February?”

BOLIVIA-CARNIVAL/“Well, Lonnie, you were an hour late for work every day, so you didn’t qualify for the new Look At Me, I Was On Time bonus.”

“Fair enough, Boss, but shouldn’t I at least get the I Was Only An Hour Late bonus?”

If I could find my guidance counselor right now…



Blog Guy, I hear your career advice is great. I’m graduating soon, and I’ll be looking for something good. My dad always said I should have a desk job.

Then I’ve got a great career path for you. Check out this guy in the photo. That could be you.

It hurts so bad! Too much to think about!


Somebody needs to help me out with this one. We have TWO photos purporting to show fashion models “listening to instructions” before presenting creations at a fashion show.


models listen 490

I can buy a team of surgeons getting final instructions before creating the Six Million Dollar Man, but what kind of instructions do models need to hear?

That’s gonna hurt coming off…



What a frickin’ crap-fest of a day day this is!

green beans face 220Here I am, sittin’ outside under the bananas, peeling green beans! I hope my friends don’t see me. Could it get any worse?

Say, who are those goofballs coming up the street?

Hah, looks like they’re supporters of some presidential candidate, and they’re puttin’ bumper stickers on everybody’s car.