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Don’t turn around, Mr. President!


It’s me, Blog Guy, the aspiring photojournalist you’ve been mentoring. Congratulate me, I just shot my first presidential event, and here’s my shot! What do you think?

Um, it’s pretty much in focus, I’ll say that for it.


Good use of depth-of-field. I like those lights in the background.

Thanks. What else? Don’t be afraid to be critical.

Well, I was just wondering, did  you shoot from the same angle as the other photographers?

Funny you should ask. I barely saw them – they were standing across the room, in FRONT of the President, which seemed funny to me. I bet they got nothing but crap.

No doubt. You just keep doing what you’re doing. Someday this photo could be on the front of the Obama $1,000 bill. Or on the back of it, at least.

The real, actual, genuine arrival sign!


Blog Guy, I just heard that a pilot on a Continental Airlines flight from Brussels to Newark died in mid-flight today!

That’s true. But the plane was landed safely by two co-pilots.

Yikes! That raises so many questions!

Like what?

Like, when the plane landed, what did the arrival sign look like?

I’m very glad you asked that, complete stranger. It gives me the opportunity to use our actual photograph of the sign, which otherwise nobody might ever see. It looked a lot like this.

Two, four, six, eight, Eddie’s shots are really great!


Blog Guy, you write a lot about photojournalism. Is that a good career?

The very best, except for blogging.

High praise indeed! What’s the single best thing about the job?

That’s easy. The cheerleaders! All news photographers have pro cheerleaders who stand behind them at events and do supportive cheers while the shooters snap away. Here, look at this photo from a Lakers game.

I don’t believe that for an instant.

It’s true! Just watch the next presidential news conference or NATO Summit or hurricane or whatever, and watch for the pompoms and skimpy outfits.

Triple-button shot makes photo history!


It’s me, Blog Guy, that aspiring photojournalist. I think it’s time I try some tougher shots. You know, the ones that only the pros can do. Like say you have some world leaders together and you want to show action?

Sure. The great shooters will do this by showing them buttoning their jackets. If you can get two of them to do it simultaneously, that’s solid gold.

Reboot! I said, reboot now!


Blog Guy, I’m CEO of a struggling U.S. company. I need to reduce my Information Technology costs. My employees act like computers grow on trees, abusing equipment and stuff. Our geeky tech staff is too timid to crack the whip. Help!

Maybe you’re hiring your techies in the wrong place, sir. Send your recruiters to the Information Technology college, in Baghdad.

Packs of snapping paparazzi nuns!


Blog Guy, It’s me – the aspiring photojournalist you’ve been advising. know these are hard times in journalism, and I’m wondering if news organizations are cutting costs in the area of photography.

I’m afraid so. Many media outlets have shifted to hiring nuns for photo assignments. You see whole herds of nuns at all the big news events these days.

Stand in front of the Harley, Carly!


Blog Guy, it’s me again. The guy you’re tutoring to be a photojournalist. Recently you told me about shooting auto shows, and how all people want to see are the chick models. But I presume motorcycle shows are different – surely readers want to see new motorcycles?

Yeah, and surely Bernie Madoff is looking forward to meeting his new roommate, too.

Sorry, may I withdraw my question?


Blog Guy, as a journalist I imagine you’re happy to be in a country with a free press, unlike some other places.Amen to that! Like Canada, for instance.Um, I believe they have a free press in Canada, don’t they?Yeah? Tell that to the reporters who went to a local official’s news conference yesterday, where he waved a big snake at them every time they asked a question!Did you read that someplace? Nah, I just saw a picture.I’m sure you know that didn’t really happen. Why did you make it up?So I could show our actual photo caption below, which carefully identifies the guy as (C) for center, so that easily-confused readers won’t mistake him for the snake.

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British Columbia Environment Minister Barry Penner (C) holds onto Pisco the boa constrictor following an announcement on new restrictions with regards to controlling the owning and breeding of exotic animals, at the aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia March 17, 2009. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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What’s wrong with this picture?


Blog Guy, I’m ready! I’ve been studying all of your tips for aspiring photojournalists, and here is my portfolio for your critique. What do you think?

Bravo! Perfect, both of them!

Oh, come on, I need a LITTLE criticism. Surely there’s SOMETHING!

Okay. On the shot of the soccer team captain… Does he actually have a mouth?

Boost me up on your shoulders!


Keep it coming, Blog Guy – the more photojournalism advice I can get, the sooner I’ll get my dream job.

What do you want to know today, Grasshopper?

I’m wondering about ethics and privacy. Are photojournalists expected to violate basic standards of dignity and decency? How far should we go to get THE news shot?