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A Study in Scarlett

February 4, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m ready for more of your sage advice for aspiring photojournalists. if I want to reach the hearts and minds of the public, what should I be shooting? What’s most important to the people?

Have you seen a limousine?

November 29, 2008

Blog Guy, I continue to read all of your posts about photojournalism. I’ve mastered your stuff on shooting groups, luggage, shoes, handshakes and stairs. What else makes for great news photography?

Is that Obama in a mullet haircut?

November 14, 2008

Blog Guy, please continue answering questions about photojournalism. I was wondering, what do photographers do when people they cover are out of sight?

Wait, monkey, some of my beer is missing!

October 6, 2008

Blog Guy, I can’t get any respect! My boss says a monkey could do my job!

monkey-waiters.jpgCalm down, your boss is all wrong. Monkeys are animals, and they can’t do the jobs of humans. What is it you do for a living, anyway?

Politics: let the heeling begin!

October 3, 2008

Blog Guy, a few days ago you did an item about how photographers cover the shoes of women candidates. I think you were just putting us on, and I’ll prove it. What kind of shoes did Sarah Palin wear at last night’s debate in St. Louis?

Take this job and Chuvit!

October 2, 2008

chuvit-2-160.jpgToday’s topic is the media’s coverage of politics. In recent days we’ve heard our presidential candidates complain about “gotcha journalism” and other press tactics.

I’m dropping my pants, and I have a follow-up!

August 26, 2008

anderson-2-160-0826.jpg Hey Blog Guy, your post on news photography was very useful. On the topic of news, could you explain how we can find reporters we should really trust? You know, how do we know a true professional?

Great photography – get a grip!

August 25, 2008

Blog Guy, I love looking at pictures on news sites, and I’m thinking of maybe trying to break into photojournalism. I know it’s complicated, but what makes a really good news photo?