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Batter Up!


kate pancake combo 490

Blog Guy, I know you’ve helped others with their photo collections, and I hope you can do the same for me. I collect photos of famous people flipping pancakes.

USA-POLITICS/OBAMAThat’s awesome. How many do you have?

More than 1,800, going back to a daguerreotype of Robert E. Lee flipping some in the mess tent at Gettysburg. So can you help me?

I probably can. Readers LOVE photos of people flipping pancakes. They sell like hotcakes.

See, I had hoped to avoid moronic comments like that.

Here are shots of presidential candidates Barack Obama and George Bush at pancake flipping events. Americans don’t like to see their politicians waffle at a time like that.

Just like Kate, only different…



Blog Guy, you gotta help me! I haven’t had a new photo of Kate Middleton for four days now. I need a fix, dude.

Hey, she’s Prince William’s fiancée. I don’t control her movements.

The very, very worst month of all?



Nah, February wasn’t really the worst month.

YEMEN-PROTEST/It’s just that headlines with best and worst in them always do very well, a lesson I learned yet again upon calculating this blog’s most popular items for the month.

Indeed, my top three posts for February each contained superlatives. Right, like I’m really qualified to name the best or worst of anything.

It’s all Kate, all the time…


kate middleton this 490

Blog Guy, where is a good place to go for coverage of Kate Middleton, that fiancée of Britain’s Prince William?

BRITAIN-ROYALS/You even have to ask? My blog is all Kate, all the time. One-stop shopping. She appeared at a couple of events this week, and by my count we got 97 new photos of her. I’m sorry it wasn’t 100, but we’ll try to do better.