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Blog Guy, I’ve had a very draining week, and I need something to cheer me up.

I hearĀ  you. I’ve had kind of an emotional roller coaster ride myself this week.

cute lion cub combo 490

Wow, Blog Guy. Yes, I imagine humor blogging is a gut-wrenching, high-pressure profession. How do you keep your sanity when the going gets rough?

Well, I wouldn’t say I ever actually keep my sanity. Let’s not go overboard here.

Couch potato scuba! Yeah, baby!


Welcome to a new Great Challenges in Advertising. Think scuba diving, what comes to mind? Crystal waters, coral reefs, Barbados, Hawaii…. But Siberia, not so much? We need to change that. Bring people around.

Look at the photo. What are the strengths of Siberia’s scuba diving? That’s right, it’s convenient. Good! You can do it downtown! No boring tropical boat rides. And, they have chairs! You haven’t really experienced scuba until you’ve done it from a chair!