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Is that Pig Latin, Mr. President?


Blog Guy, I was surprised to see you missed “Talk Like a Pirate Day” this week. It was fun!

Oh please. All that “ahoy” and “matey” stuff? Sorry, I waited for today instead, when we talk like presidential pirates.

You mean like U.S. Presidents would talk if they were pirates?

Yes, if the presidential pirates also spoke in Pig Latin. Welcome to “Presidential Pirate Pig Latin Day.”

I’m going to need to see how this works, Blog Guy.

Look, what’s the most famous presidential quote of the last 200 years?

That’s easy. President George W. Bush. “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

Repeat after me, “Fill the bag with money!”


Blog Guy, you know that odd city in Siberia that you call Wackytown? I’d like to visit it on one of your organized tours, but I’m wondering how many people there speak English?

You’re talking about Krasnoyarsk. I do know they do have English Language classes at a high security prison camp.

Putting in a good word for good words


Most of us have favorite words, and it is a very personal choice. We enjoy the images they evoke and the sound that they make.

I remember hearing that someone’s favorite word was marmalade. Damn, that is one fine word. It brings to mind color, taste, aroma and sweet childhood summers.

That’s quite an accent you have there…



Blog Guy, I need some of your job-hunting advice. I was working on a résumé, but then I stopped.

RIBEIROOh, you MUST resume your résumé. Why did you stop?

I needed lunch. I’m eating a clear beef broth and some healthy Japanese soybeans my mom sent.

Cleopatra? Who died and made YOU queen?



Blog Guy, I see there’s a very popular new biography of Cleopatra. Have you read it?

cleopatra book 220Indeed I have. “Cleopatra: A Life,” by Stacy Schiff. It’s a fascinating read. Cleopatra was part of the Ptolemaic dynasty, you know.

No booty here, and that’s the gospel!



Check it out. A new edition of the Bible, available tomorrow, is replacing words such as “booty” and “holocaust” to “better reflect modern understanding.”

MARKETS USA STOCKSI am not making this up.

“Holocaust” is being changed to “burnt offerings,” so that readers who are easily confused won’t think the Bible is talking about the 1940s Holocaust.