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When the chips are down, in Wackytown


Say, Blog Guy, I keep reading about those group tours you organize to that place you call Wackytown, the goofiest place on earth.

Right, that’s Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia. Think you’d like to join us on a trip? We’ve got a gambling junket coming up. Why waste your time in Las Vegas when you can go to a Wackytown casino?

Gambling, huh? That sounds like fun, but I also like to keep fit when I’m on vacation.

Then this is the place for you! You can go right from the slopes to the casino without even taking off your ski mask, as you can see here!

How I spent my macho vacation…


Blog Guy, I need some of your famous travel advice. I’m a fairly dimwitted guy who never really grew up. Life hasn’t gone my way, and I need an experience to make me feel like I’m somebody.

So you’re looking for something you can brag about on Facebook, no matter how shallow it is, to keep your pathetic imitation of life going for another year?

Did you just hear a piercing scream?


Blog Guy, did you see they just set a new world record for “Most Body Piercings in a Single Sitting” yesterday? A person got 3,200 piercings. Do you approve of things like that?

Only if it’s done properly, which this was.

The guy performing the procedure is named “Danger” and has tattoos showing behind his surgical mask, so you know he’s a top doctor.  The woman getting pierced is a sideshow performer, so clearly she is good at making sound decisions.