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Open it, honey! It’s the worst I could find!


I honestly don’t know why we worry so much about protecting morons from themselves. Now there is a holiday list of the top 10 worst gifts for new relationships.

By using this list, a guy can learn that giving lingerie, gym equipment or a puppy to some woman he barely knows is not a good idea. But if he is that stupid, isn’t it better for the chick to find out right away? The list also warns not to give a ring, which is too personal, or a kitchen appliance, which isn’t personal enough… No kidding?

Guys, my advice is, just ignore the list. If you planned to buy a skimpy nightie or a diamond ring for some gal you just met yesterday, don’t let us stop you. And two words for a gift suggestion you might not even have considered: weed whacker.

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Doc Jocks: what’s wrong with YOU?


What you see here is a medical breakthrough – lingerie which can instantly identify and diagnose hundreds of maladies. This young woman probably had no idea she was crazy, until she paraded in front of gawking crowds of spectators in her undies.

Other “models” at the medical convention were surprised to learn they had scabies, lactose intolerance and fear of circus clowns, at the same time the information was flashed on their behinds. The firm that owns the technology was asked why it was only using it in skimpy undergarments, and replied, “Just because.”