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Love Hmong the Ruins, a very goofy year



After all the various lists of best stories and photos and signs of the Apocalypse and bad fashion and stuff, this blog all comes down to fun.

I just get a special enjoyment from doing some items, and I hope it shows. Sometimes it’s because people do real things that you would never imagine. Other times a photo or germ of an idea just makes me laugh and I take off with it.

OBAMA/Some of the year’s highlights for me:

Hollywood still hasn’t sent my $4 million check for it yet, but one of the best true yarns of the year was the “love market” for ethnic Hmong people in Vietnam.

On one day a year, married men and women wait for the return of their former lovers with whom they can meet again without jealousy from their spouses.  That’s right. Folks meet up with former lovers, and get a one-day free pass from their spouses. I couldn’t invent something like that if I tried.

A great year to be a dumbass!



As you may have noticed, 2010 was quite a year for dumbasses.

It seems like they were everywhere. Celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and just regular dumbasses as well, the kind who might live next door to you.

dumbass sheen 240Until recently the victims of widespread discrimination, dumbasses now seem to be not only accepted, but even in vogue. Look at any “talking head” news show on TV.

Are you back again? Most popular posts for 2010


My above average readers have made this the second most popular Reuters blog for 2010, measured in both visits and page views, which is great news for me.

Of course, it’s better news for the smart guy who writes the number one blog, but still…

Planning a trip? Don’t go there…



My blog, which has been named by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the Top travel Websites, dispensed a butt-load of great travel advice this year.

We found plenty of great places for you to avoid, and lots of reasons just to stay at home, which is what sane people did in 2010.

The eight goofiest photos of 2010


goofiest pix combo top 490

I am thankful every single day for the photos I get to use in this blog.

USA-MEXICO/Without them, I would just be another doofus trying to describe goofy stuff in words, and who needs that?

I’d be like, “Oh man, you should have seen Hillary’s face when Karzai pulled a quarter out of her ear!” Or like, “Queen Elizabeth was so cheesed off when Prince Charles described that cockroach he found in his haggis!”

Manure couture: worst men’s fashion



Okay, we all had our laughs yesterday at the year’s worst women’s fashions.

Today’s topic, awful new men’s fashions, is a bit more personal and painful.

Yeah, it makes your butt look big; worst women’s fashions of the year…



It was a year when models hit the international fashion runways looking like kitchen utensils, nutcrackers, forest creatures and, well, the recently deceased.

BRITAIN/You know it was a bad year in fashion when my blog item that was headlined “The worst dress in the history of Earth?” barely makes it onto my Top 10 Worst Fashions list.

The 10 goofiest true stories of the year…


goofy wrap seats 490

Don’t tell anybody, but this was a pretty easy year for me.

Even though I write for a Serious News Organization, as a humor blogger I’m allowed to invent strange stuff because I don’t fool anybody, and it’s cheaper than giving me a travel budget.

But in 2010 I was blessed with so many great and goofy TRUE stories, I hardly had to use my imagination at all.

Cutest animals of 2010, O come let us adore them…


sweet animals top combo 490

Regular readers know this blog normally overflows with irony, sarcasm and the absurd, and is no place for sloppy sentiment.

Except where animals are concerned. Several times a year, I feature animal photos that I hope will bring a smile and make readers happy to be alive.

Try to remember the best of September…



If this blog didn’t scare you to death in September, nothing ever will.

OBAMA/Bad jobs, ugly shoes, zombie nuns and more signs the Apocalypse is just around the corner.

But worst of all was the news that to get to the cataclysm, we may have to fly practically standing upright.