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Five reasons to just go barefoot…


shoe worst combo this one 490

Shoppers, what’s the best way to save money on shoes? By not even being tempted to buy any.

shoes worst minnie 160Here are five examples of footwear from major fashion shows in the past month. I think most folks would rather wear flip-flops.

I mean, top left, I’m pretty sure this one is inspired by the “Mad Max” movie wardrobe, and it’s only going to appeal to chicks who get invited to parties in unheated caves.

Next to that is what might be a nice shoe if it weren’t enveloped by clear plastic that was intended to carry goldfish home from the pet shop.

Five guys who NEVER get picked in speed dating


Well, Debby, I see all the best guys are already taken once again. I’m starting to think these speed dates are fixed!

loser combo vertical 280You and me both, Daphne! Put your glasses back on and tell me who’s left for us.

Top 10 things I learned in the blizzard…


It has been a week since the first snowflakes fell in the little town I like to call Washington, DC. It kept coming, as that depressing Christmas song says, “snow on snow on snow.”

blizzard bikinis 490

An ordeal like this changes people. After a few days of whiteout, your mood turns dark. You begin noticing weird things, and then you start numbering them:

Five people I don’t want to meet…


Readers often say to me, “Bob, in your line of work you must meet lots of interesting people,” and I say to them, “No, not really.”

In fact, I tend to keep an up-to-date list of folks I DON’T want to meet, under any circumstances. It changes often, but right now these are the LAST five people on earth I want to see.

Top 10 items that make milk come out of my nose…


my list combo top 490

In recent days I’ve done yearly lists of the year’s goofiest photos, readers’ favorite items in my blog and the best headlines.

mine hair breasts220Today, I present my own list of personal favorites, the ones that cracked me up when I did them, and still do.

Top 10 heads that turned your heads in 2009


head crop 490

Readers often say to me, “Bob, your blog is so freaking lame, how the hell do you get folks to click on it?”

head oktoberfestcrop 220The answer, of course, is headlines.

I shouldn’t be giving away trade secrets, but journalists know that a funny, clever, or downright misleading headline can often trick people into reading something, no matter how bad it is.

Your choice, the dumbest stuff of the year…


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As years go, 2009 was a fairly moronic one.

top posts combo vertical 200Designer fashions got more bizarre, new gadgets got crazier, we had the White Hat Conspiracy to contend with, Madonna and her nutty car were everywhere…

And you, dear readers, voted with your eyeballs to choose the  top ten posts in this blog.