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The hot new pet for the rich and famous?


Blog Guy, what’s the latest “in” pet for celebrities to have? Are they still carrying those tiny dogs in their purses?

No, small dogs are SO over! These days, the rich and famous go everywhere with their pet lobsters, as you can see here with the Duchess of Cambridge, Sarah Palin, Martha Stewart…

Lobsters? They’re not very cute.

That’s your opinion. But for today’s celebs, a big perk is getting their lobster paid for by the studio or whatever. Many have a claws in their contracts.

I’ll ignore that. When did lobsters suddenly become so popular?

After that incredible one in Germany predicted the World Cup results last year.

Blog Guy, that wasn’t even a lobster, it was an octopus!

What do I look like, an ornithologist? The point is, they’re easy to care for, especially if your property is partially submerged.